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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Accept Israel, the Jewish State or No Dice

Nadene Goldfoot
Obama brought a very important message about Israel to the Palestinians on his visit last week.  The Palestinians must recognize Israel as the Jewish State.  Our original documents such as the Balfour Declaration in 1917  says so.

The UN General Assembly Resolution 181 written in 1947 that partitioned Palestine into half mentions the term "Jewish state"  30 times.  The whole world understood this diplomatic recognition of an Israel meant accepting it as a Jewish state.

In 2007 Prime Minister Ehud Olmert of Israel said that unless the Palestinians accepted Israel as the Jewish state, diplomacy would be aborted.  Benjamin Netanyahu said in 2009 as the succeeding Prime Minister that Israel expects the Palestinians to first recognize Israel as a Jewish state before talks about 2 states for 2 peoples.  It's something the Arab have been refusing to do.

Obama said in his speech that "Palestinians must recognize Israel as a Jewish state."

Daniel Pipes, President of the Middle East Forum,  feels that this expectation from the Arabs is the most lasting and most constructive contribution to Arab-Israeli diplomacy.

I believe they should also be well aware that Israel lost 80% of the Jewish Homeland by the act of Britain not in the plan which was to give away this much of it to create TransJordan.

Resource: by Daniel Pipes

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