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Friday, October 21, 2011

Anti-Semitic Gadafi and the Libyan Jews

Nadene Goldfoot
Moammar Gaddafi was finally killed in his own hometown of Sirte.  Even Sadat of Egypt had called him a madman for his reckless, violent behavior.  He was an extreme anti-Jewish dictator, which prompted the minority population of Libyan Jews to flee.  Today, there are none living in Libya.

Jews had been in Libya since the 3rd Century BCE.  The country became very anti-semitic from the presence of fascist Italians in the country.  Then they were deported by the Germans in WWII. 

He came into power in 1969 when there were few Jews remaining in Libya after being treated so horribly. He turned on them and conviscated all Jewish property.   Many had immigrated to Israel, where 100,000 live  in Netanya today.  The last Jew in LIbya was 80 year old Rina Debach who left the country in 2003. 

One of these people in Netanya, Gita Boaron, claims to be related to him.  She said that his grandmother is her grandmother's sister, thus her father's grandmother is the connection.  She had married the town sheik and then converted to Islam.  Since there is a lot of intermarriage in the USA between Jews and Christians, I see no reason why this couldn't have happened in Libya as well, but I think it's rarer.  Looking at his pictures, he was a good looking man when he was young.  He sure changed in looks as well as in personality as he got a little older.  He was one crazy and dangerous person. 
Here's one very good reason why Abraham and Sarah left Ur.  One's environment is most important when bringing up children.  They are affected by their peers and the culture they live in.  It's almost impossible to teach your values to your children if they cannot see others practicing it as well. 

Gaddafi called his enemies vermin, but it was he who was caught in a sewage tunnel. 


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