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Monday, October 10, 2011

Egypt's Going to Heck in a Handbasket: Turning Nasty Towards Christians and Jews

Nadene Goldfoot
This morning's TV news started off with rebellion in Egypt and the Coptic Christians that are being persecuted there that has blown into rioting against their army and everyone is fighting against everyone.

They've also turned against Jewish tourists who have wanted to pay their respects at the Tomb of Rabbi Yaakov and Yisrael Abuhatzeira, the famed Baba Sali, who is buried in Netivot, Israel, a substantial city of 26,700 plus.  Netivot is in the southern Negev part of Israel south of Sderot, which has taken so much bombing from the Hamas Arabs of Gaza.  The Baba Sali was a Moroccan  Rabbi involved in bringing the Jews from there to Israel.   He was a Tzaddik and kabbalist who died in 1984.   The Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt had tried to stop these visitations back in 2009 but Mubarak made sure that Jews could visit there. 

This shows the immense closeness of Israel to neighbors that have had the possibility of being as hateful as the Hamas and Fatah terrorist groups of Arabs.  Now Egypt is actually interferring with the life and livelihood of an Israeli city.  Whoever said that the Muslim Brotherhood was a good force in Egypt?  It looks like their influence has grown towards the violence of their charter that the West was blind to accept as the reality. 

The Egyptians now say that they are identifying with the Arabs calling themselves "Palestinians", and along with that and the fervor of Jew hating we see Salafi Islam rising.   This means their religion recognizes violent jihad and can use it against civilians as a legitimate expression of their concept of Islam.  They're certainly showing this force today. 

The Sinai  has also become dangerous.  This was an area that Israel had given back to Egypt in trade for peace, which we had up until now.    Coptic Christians have been recently persecuted, leading to rioting in Cairo with everyone hating everyone else.  Egypt is a poor country with an immense population.  They must be destroying what little they do have. 

Resource: Arutz Sheva, by Maayana Miskin, Islamist Winds in Egypt? 'No Jews Allowed' at Holy Site

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