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Sunday, October 2, 2011

USA Froze AID to Palestinians

Nadene Goldfoot
Since August, 1/3 of aid from the USA has been frozen since August, which is a response to Abbas going to the UN in a bid for statehood.  The US Congress put a block on transferring $200 million to the Palestinians. 

The Palestinians think this is unfair.  They're crying that this is unjustified. They are saying that the money was to go to humanitarian and development projects and are calling it a collective punishment.  They really don't live in the real world realizing that the USA is almost bankrupt and that money should be used at home for their own humanitarian and development projects.  The Palestinians were begged not to go to the UN to declare their state without recognizing Israel as a Jewish state.  That would mean stopping the attacks of missiles and mortars upon it.  Money is wasted on the Palestinians as it just goes for these weapons to use on Israel.  No, the Palestinians thumbed their noses at the USA, so they can expect no money. 


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