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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Anti-Semitism in "Occupation of "Wall Street"

Nadene Goldfoot
Nancy Pelosi and Obama support the Occupation of Wall Street demonstrators.  They have now been joined by Gaza Hamas terrorists who are blaming Jews with their anti-semitic comments by trying to connect Jews and big banks and the Federal Reserves.  Besides that, they're saying that Jews need to be run out of the country.  So now Hamas is hitting at American Jews as well. 

One of the organizers of "Occupy Wall Street" is Kalle Lasn, 69 year old Canadian author, magazine editor of Adsense, and activist  who perpetuates conspiracy theories saying that Jews control America's foreign policies.  "Lasn has been accused of anti-Semitism by members of the media for his self-published 2004 article "Why won't anyone admit they're Jewish" establishing a link between Jewish groups who do not explicitly announce their religion and ultimate control of the United States financial community." Wikipedia on Kalle Lasn. Hey, Lasn, I"m Jewish and proud of it. 

Someone should tell this guy that Jews are less than 1% of the world population.  We're not all in the financial community, like he would like to think.  His type of thinking dates back to Mein Kampf.  Does he realize that it was the actions of anti-semites that kept Jews from owning land and only allowing them to be in finances, a terrible profession and looked down on  for the gentiles, that got some Jews into economic professions in the first place?  At one point the Ottoman Empire actually re-invited Jews to return from Eastern Europe who could help them out of their financial woes.  Oh yes, Albert Einstein was Jewish and an excellent mathematician, but not into banking.  Surely there are a lot of bankers out there who are not Jewish. 

Well, Hamas terrorists.  What kinds of economic situation are you going to begin other than being paid by the UN? since 1948?  You sure destroyed the floral business left for you by Israel when they all departed for the sake of peace that they didn't get.   I think that was one of our worst ideas.   I see Israel has more start up business than most countries.  Israelis use their minds, and what are you using other than missiles, mortars  rockets and slander against them? 

I wonder if these people in tents in the middle of Portland occupying some of Portland's beautiful parks realize that they are being used in such a way.  Their demonstration has turned very ugly. 


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