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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

UNESCO Voting on New member of "Palestine" Today in Paris

Nadene Goldfoot
The state of Palestine has not been accepted through the U.N. as yet.  Even so, UNESCO, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization has its general conference today in Paris.  It is scheduled to vote to admit "Palestine" as a member today by having the 193 country members vote.  If this passes, our US law mandates cutting off its $70 million dollar contribution to UNESCO, which is 22% of their total budget. 

The situation is that if and when these Hamas-Fatah terrorists become a UNESCO member, they will gain international support to continue erasing the history of Jews in Eretz Israel.  To do this they will have holy sites, such as 'the Cave of the Patriarchs' in Hebron, 'Joseph's tomb' in Nablus, 'Rachel's tomb' in Bethlehem, and 'the Church of the Nativity' in Bethlehem  declared as just Palestinian heritage sites. 

The Palestinian plans with UNESCO are part of the heavy-handed political campaign in many UN agencies for a state led by Mahmoud Abbas to openly refuse to acknowledge Israel as a Jewish State.  Their plan is to deny our 3,000 year old connection to our Holy Land.  Why?  It's their idea of politics in their zeal to take over the land from us. 

Reference:  Simon Wiesenthal Center

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