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Thursday, October 27, 2011

UFO's Over Israel Reported

Nadene Goldfoot
Tonight I watched the Biography Channel (Bio-129 on Frontier) 7:30pm in Portland, and discovered that this program on  UFO's:  The Best Evidence Caught on Tape, showed a section about UFO's that have been visiting Israel.

Evidently they have had sighting over the last 12 years.  They even had a video showing the Israeli Air Force plane chasing one.  The UFO seemed to be playing with the plane.  One such sighting lasting for 3 nights happened over Kfar Saba and again over Kibbutz Hatzor.  Over 100 people have seen these sightings.  A gentleman interviewed about it had been a former Air Force member, Barry Chamish, the leading UFO researcher in Israel.  . 

Speculation was that the Bible records such a sighting in the section about Ezekiel 1: 1-23, which was Ezekiel's version of seeing the Merkavah/Chariot.  Ezekiel was among his people who were exiled to the River Chebar in the land of the Chaldeans. He talks about something that happened during the exile of King Jehoiachin to Babylonia when he said the heavens opened up and he saw visions of G-d.  Ezekiel was the son of Buzi, the Kohen.  He describes in this vision supernatural concepts in human terms, but they cannot be understood literally. This is why people today think of the chariot as a spaceship as that is something within our concept but not his.   It was mentioned that people thought UFO's visited Earth as long ago as 12,000 years.  If that had happened, the only thing worthwhile seeing would have been the Fertile Crescent as most of Earth would have been under ice then. 

Here's another reason to visit Israel.  You might catch a glimpse of a spaceship checking out the land, so bring your video camera.  Let's hope these aliens are friendly.  We have enough terrorists stalking our tiny country as it is.  Do you suppose they were looking for a good place to find some bagels and cream cheese? 

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