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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Jewish Spy Treated Differently than American in Russia

Nadene Goldfoot
The United States has had many spies.  Francis Gary Powers was one in a U2 spy plane that was shot down over air space of the Soviet Union on May 1, 1960.  He was sentenced to 10 years, 7 of which was to be hard labor, but was exchanged for a Russian spy after serving only 1 year 9 months on February 10, 1962.  The situation was very embarrasing for Eisenhower's administration.  Khrushchev was not happy with us.

Yet, our fumbling Mr Bean type spy for Israel is still serving time.  Jonathan Pollard, not a member of Mossad but an American  Jew, tried to help Israel get information that should have been willingly passed to them,  but it hadn't happened and he was concerned.   He was a U.S. naval intelligence clerk who was arrested in 1986.  He received the maximum sentence of life imprisonment in 1987.  Caspar Weinberger came down very hard on him, and since then our Vice President, Joe Biden,  has been most harsh when approached about it. 

After Michael Oren, Ambassador to the USA from Israel,  visited him he was operated on for gallbladder and kidney problems that still exist.  His wife is very worried.  This is a humanitarian disgrace.  She has asked for his release after all these years as he is a sick and nondangerous man.  The Obama administration has been pleaded with by Israel, to no avail. 

Biden became quite angry when approached about freeing him. He was heard to say, "over my dead body!" It looks like this Catholic is a man without compassion, even though a priest was in favor of it.   Why is it that our administration is so adamant about this one person?  When Obama was stumping for president 4 years ago he was supporting Pollard's cause for freedom.  They are not treating him like our spy was treated by Russia.  Even there, Powers only had to serve in  total  ten years whereas this mild clerk was given life.  Was it because he was Jewish?  Is that what gets Biden's ire up? 

I keep hearing stories about how our government has been so careful about not affronting Muslims, and yet one Jewish person is treated with malice.  It's not fair at all, and gentlemen, I notice the difference.  It's time Obama shows he has some sincerity and freedom from hypocrisy and gives up Pollard before he passes away.


Chris said...

Israel, an ally nation, is caught spying on the US...Enemies send spies, not friends. In this context is it so hard to understand the strong emotion that this case invokes among VP Biden and others?

Nadene Goldfoot said...

Contrary to the widespread belief, the CIA report reveals that Pollard did not procure secrets about the United States—nor did Israel ask him to. The intelligence he provided his Israeli handlers consisted of the information that the United States had acquired concerning Arab and other Middle Eastern states. This information may not change the minds of long-time detractors, but it vindicates those who have argued that Pollard, having already served a punishment that fit his crime, should be released.