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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Anti-Semitism from Seattle to Sacramento

Nadene Goldfoot 
A US district court judge ruled against  the group suing King County and the Metro Bus Co because they refused to run an anti-Israel ad on their buses in Seattle, Washington.  What chutzpa this group has.  Seattle has already felt the attack on the Jewish Federation office where workers inside were injured.  They knew such ads would only bring on more attacks.

Now we have a white supremacist couple right here in Portland, Oregon who killed  2 family members. David Pedersen shot his own 56 year old father and his girlfriend, Holly, slashed the neck of his 69 year old stepmother for him  and then they came across a 19 year old Cody Myers.  Thinking he was Jewish by his surname, they also killed him with the intention of going on a hunt to kill more Jews  in Sacramento, California.  Before they got there they killed their 4th victim.  David Pedersen, 31 and Holly Gigsley, 24 have been caught. 
Update: 10/15/11 The 4th victim was a 53 year old black man, Reginald Alan  Clark of Eureka, California.  The killings "were part of a mission to further white supremacist beliefs," stated 24 year old Holly Grigsby, held in jail in Marysville, California.  She had gone to high school in Portland, attending Parkrose High.  Now she's up for 4 murders.  Within a month she and her killer boyfriend, David Pedersen, 31, will be returned to Washington for the first two murders.  .
Oregonian Newspaper 10/155/11 front page: Suspect:  Myers a 'civilian casualty', A5

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