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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Why Abbas Went To United Nations Last Week

Nadene Goldfoot
Abbas went to get land for his creation of a state of Palestine without peace.  He wants sovereignty with no recognition of a Jewish state,  which is a must in a peace pact.  How can  a peace pact be recognized when the party does not believe in its right to have existed for the past 63 years and in its continuation?  So Abbas wants his state without the strings of negotiations.  His Palestine will be independent and in a continued state of war with Israel.  It will also be devoid of all Jews.  He doesn't want to recognize a Jewish state. 

For the past 63 years, the United States, who voted for the creation of Israel in May 1948 at the United Nations, has been the big brother helper in trying to achieve a Middle East settlement on the formula of land for peace.  It did produce the Israel-Egypt peace of 1979 and the Isrel-Jordan peace of 1994.  Israel has offered the so-called Palestinian Arabs land for peace 3 times since and they have refused every time.

Camp David in 2000 had Prime Minister Ehud Barak offer Yasser Arafat a Palestinina state on the West Bank and Gaza--and even offered the horrible idea of dividing Jerusalem.  Arafat refused the offer.  He made no counter-offer.  Did he really want a deal?  No, because in 2 months he launched a war against Israel that killed a thousand Israelis.

Taba in 2001 is when Bill Clinton got into the process and offered an even better deal for the Arabs and again Arafat walked away, uninterested.

Jump to Israel in 2008 when Prime Minister Ehud Olmert bent over backwards as he was with the Labor Party and he offered 100% of  Judea-Samaria (West Bank) with land swaps.  They were able to get their statehood, and even East Jerusalem's Muslim section becoming the capital of their Palestine with even sweetening the pot by offering to turn over the city's holy places, including the Western Wall, Judaism's most sacred site to an internatonal body on which sit Jordan and Saudi Arabia!  This was the ultimate sacrifice!

Of course Abbas did not accept.  This goes to show that the Arabs really do not want peace but are fulfilling their desire to destroy Israel.  In this endeavor they have been the maleable pawns used by other Arab leaders in the area to wipe out Israel.  They've been groomed for the job.  They are not after creating their own state.  Perhaps that's because they are not a "People".  They never have been a unified group with a history, only in that they are nomadic Arabs.  This has been shown to be true in Joan Peter's revelations in "From Time Immemorial". 

I've been saying this previously and am happy to see Krauthammer also understand this.  Most people are still thinking that there was a country of Palestine with a goverment and all and that these people are only trying to create their own state again.  This is the big lesson.  The land was only re-named Palestine by the Romans in 135 CE to erase the Jewish presence it had had, and it lay in waste till the Jewish pioneers returned and started building.  This acted as a magnet for surrounding Arabs who were needing jobs and they entered for work purposes.  There had been Jews and Arabs, both called "Palestinians" living there making up a small population.  Jews were predominent. 

Resource:  Charles Krauthammer "Land without peace:  Why Abbas went to the U.N. from Washington Post-on the Palestinian unilateral declaration. 

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