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Friday, March 2, 2012

THE DICTATOR : with Sacha Noam Baron-Cohen

Nadene Goldfoot
Sacha Noam Baron-Cohen, 40 year old English graduate of Cambridge U. and  comic actor, is the most vulgar of the vulgarist newcomers in movies today, but, I've come to love him anyway, even though he cracks me up when I see his movies.  He takes more liberties in putting across a point  than any comedian I knew when I was a youth. Mores have changed along with the people. 

 His mother, Daniella, was born in Israel and his father, Gerald, was from Wales.  His maternal grandmother still lives in Haifa and is a retired professional ballet dancer, so I think the interest in the theater comes possibly from her.  But where he gets his unique sense of humor must come from his intellect and awareness in life around him in England and the USA. 

He created such well known characters as Ali G, Borat and Bruno which made fun of people and their foibles. His latest act was during the academy awards, when he managed to walk the red carpet after being told not to in his newest role from his movie, "THE DICTATOR" as a Dictator, His Excellency Admiral General Shabazz Aladeen.  The Academy did back down and allow him to walk the red carpet walk and strut his stuff.  This satire should wake up the viewers if they haven't figured out how horrible such people as Mammar Qadhafi or Saddam Hussein were, which he is imitating. 

He uses satire and farce to force their audiences to confront ugly realities of power, politics and war.  In this comedy, Sacha hopes to create a perspective to these grim contemporary facts.  One line that is right on target is" after complaining that his Sunday calendar is now as empty as" a North Korean grocery store".  One really must be aware of the situation between North and South Korea to really appreciate the humor. 

Thus, if you're one who doesn't read the papers or news on the internet or turns off news on TV, you just won't appreciate this movie.  If you're a news junky like I am and a history buff as well,  you're going to get it. 

I agree with the Academy that trying to come in costume to advertize one's movie is not hoi paloi, but being the dictator that he was playing, made it perfectly all right in my eyes to pull a dictator's belief in his rights  and arrive-not just arrive in his regal attire but with his two sexy bodyguards just like Gadhafi would do and greet Ryan Seacrest, interviewer, with "Death to the West!" 

I hoped to see him througout the period from 5:30pm to 11:00pm while watching the awards on TV, but never saw all this.  Every actor and actress was asked who he was wearing, meaning, who was the designer.  G-d forbid if it was Sears and Robucks!  Sacha answered as the dictator with  John Galliano.  Only a few might know that this fashion designer ranted while drunk, the anti-Semitic "I love Hitler!" a year ago.  This was caught on TV.

Jewish people have lived a life full of woes.  Sometimes the only way to deal with it has been through humor.  That's why there have been many Jewish comedians.  I think Sacha is one of the best of this period. 


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