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Thursday, March 22, 2012

World-Wide Anti-Semitism Rears Its Ugly Head Again

Nadene Goldfoot
Those of us living in the United States are quite lucky in that we are not experiencing the anti-Semitism found in Europe again today.  In fact, it's hard to conceive of such a thing happening for most of us.  The 2nd World War ended in 1945, so anyone born after that date could be  as old as 67 and have never known such a period.  The USA was combatting racial segregation but the old world had the anti-Jewish feelings that culminated in Nazi Germany's "solution" with the help of enablers in every European country that eliminated 2/3 of the continent's Jewish population of 6 million in the Holocaust.

Anti-Semitism was at 50% or more in the USA before and during WWII but declined by the 1990's to 12 to 17% where it remains today, thank goodness.  Europe has seen anti-Semitism fall slowly until 1967 with the Israeli-Arab war and has experienced a sharp upward spike with the same per cent  of the Hitler era.  By looking at polling data, Europe today is at 30% anti-Semitic. 

Anti-Semites say that they are not "anti-Jewish" today but are only "anti-Zionist."  Israel is blamed for their reactions.  Before in the 1930's they couldn't use that as a defense.  Instead, they hated us because we were successful when they weren't, or because of the religious upbringing, or that we were different.  They managed to use any type of excuse for hatred.  I have to laugh because here we cleared out of their hair and many of us are living in Israel, not being in their way, doing our own praying and living and yet they still hate us.  We're hated by the Muslims because we "invaded their neighborhood" which used to be ours and of which we legally now own and hated by the 30% of the Europeans because we are in our own country.  We just can't please everyone, can we?  Whatever we do, someone will fault us.

We all just saw what happened in Toulouse, France, with the slaughter of a Rabbi and his 2 little boys and a little girl at a Jewish school.  France has the largest Jewish population on the continent.  France has had a lot of anti-Semitic acts for several years.  Just in the past year of 2011 French Jews have been victims of knife attacks, severe beatings, the carving of a Swastika in the hand of a young girl and 3 arson attacks among other violetnt incidents.  Most of the perpetrators were Muslims.  In some government high school textbooks was found bashing  Israel.  The French BDS movement announced in 2012 that Israel was a racist and Apartheid state, something I've written about proving this is a terrible lie on this website.  Jean Marie Le Pen, of the National Front Party in 2012 refused to take back his "WWII gas chambers were an "insignificanat detail." 

In Sweden, where my maternal grandmother was born and raised, the city of Malmo has been taken over by Muslims who have brought about much anti-Semitism against Jews who managed to get there after the Holocaust.  I even got on their English newspaper and wrote letters defending Israel and saw what the replies were like.  Horrible!  They have had a failure of the authorities there to protect the Jews, who are now moving out no matter what their homes are selling for.   Sweden then has published in 2011 an anti-Israeli brochure accusing the Jewish state of "ethnic cleansing."  Sweden has become the new center of anti-Semitism.  To me this is a great shock showing that people there are not reading and finding out any real facts .  When 1.4 million Arabs are citizens of Israel along with the Jews, who can say they have ethnically cleansed their state?  In fact, Jews found Israel as a Jewish state because of all the deplorable acts they have had to endure.  It is a refuge, and Jews did not cleanse another people out.  Swedes, get busy and read some history. 

Resource: Europe and the Jews 2012:  Dramatic Rise in Anti-Jewish, Anti-Israel Prejudice-a Simon Wiesenthal Center Secial Report by Dr. Harold Brackman-March 22, 2012

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