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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Is Iran's Nuclear Weapon Close At Hand?

Nadene Goldfoot
AIPAC's televised conference yesterday included talks from the Republican presidential candidates reiterating their support for Israel and the dangers stemming from Iran's producing nuclear weapons.  They would all act quickly to deter Iran's capabilities and chastise Obama for not doing enough.

This morning's Oregonian ran the article by Jackie Calmes and Mark Landler of NY Times News Service, "Obama rips GOP over Iran stance."  Obama forcefully rebuked GOP on the campaign trail and in Congress.  They are stirring up war by criticizing Obama's using diplomatic solutions to Iran's nuclear program.  Obama held a TV news conference on the same day that AIPAC's conference was held. 

Obama's position is that they are speaking without responsibilities and are promoting the costs of war. (Now he's thinking about costs.)  He wants time to allow allow diplomacy and sanctions to work.  He rejected the idea that Iran was so close to a nuclear weapon.  He felt the problem didn't need to be resolved right now or even by two months from now.  He said that sanctions were beginning to harm Iran's oil industry and central bank and would get stronger in the next few months.  Iran signaled it wants to go to the negotiating table about their nuclear program now.  Premature military action now would be risky.  He says he's thinking of the consequences for Israel and the USA. He's just giving honest and unvarnished advice.  When he said that when he said that he has Israel's back, he wasn't giving any kind of go ahead to a pre-emptive strike on Iran.

Why is Israel so adamant that action must be on the table now along with Republican contenders?  David Albright who is with the Institute for Science and International Security, was a former UN nuclear inspector and has a very strong opinion based on science.  "Iran already had the ability to make highly enriched uranium and a crude nuclear weapon."  Netanyahu has already explained that there is just one window of opportunity to try to destroy the underground rooms where Iran is doing all this.  If a country waits too long, the window can be closed and it will be impossible to stop them.  Timing is of the highest importance.  The outcome can become a world under Sharia law as well as finding Israel completely destroyed. 

This "crude nuclear weapon" will be able to destroy a city in a flash.  "It can be as big as a large refrigerator or a walk in closet."  It could be transported in a U-Haul truck or shipping container.  It could be set off with a timer or cell phone or garage door opener.  Even a suicide bomber could detonate it.  The possibilities are too great. 

The USA has gone to war with Iraq, helped out Libya  and now Afghanistan.  Obama wants to decrease our armed forces and arms.  Now the time has come to face Iran's Shi'a Islamic country of 76,923,300 people whose religious element wish to bring about their Messiah and take over the world. 

Romney said that the go-slow approach of the present administration is not the way to go. Hope is not a "foreign policy." Thugs and tyrants  only respect our power and our readiness to use it.  Santorum is against resuming talks with Iran and feels it is another appeasement, delay or opportunity to go forward while we talk. 

Yes, it is not fair for Iran to be ready to create arms that could wipe out the world, as they are not rational thinkers, but it is just like them to take advantage of the facts that confront them and feel they can now get away with their plot.  We're down and possibly ready to be attacked.  Can we rally before its too late? 

Iran's leaders are Holocaust deniers. The President calls it a myth and say that Jews play it up to extort sympathy for Israel from Europe.   Ahmadinejad is anti-Semitic and anti-Israel.  He constantly demonizes Israel and calls for its destruction at every opportunity.  He says it is a "fake regime" that must be wiped off the map.  To him, zionists are the most detested people in all humanity.  Iran sponsors anti-Zionism conferences and pseudo-academic lectures and exhibits in trying to deny the Holocaust. In their minds, they do want to destroy Israel.  Once, in Queen Esther's day, Hamen almost succeeded in doing just such a thing, but his plot was foiled by Queen Esther, the King Ahashuaros's secret Jewish wife. 

In 2007 the House of Representatives  had a hard time taking Ahmadinejad seriously as they have problems with translations.  Israel had heard "expressions of love" for years before this.  On December 15, 2000, the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei called Israel a cancerous tumor that must be uprooted.   On October 26, 2005, Ahmadinejad was calling Israel "dirty vermin" that needed to be eradicated, and Israel was taking that and other threats quite seriously.  April 14, 2006 Ahmadinejad said that the world had to be rid of this "germ", meaning Israel, and that it was possible and imminent.  Israel was heading towards annihilation.  February 20, 2008 Iran called the "Zionist regime" a black and filthy microbe.  April 17, 2008 Iran called Israel a dreaded rotten tree and Satanic enemies

The question is:  Is Iran going through all this trouble just to rile the West with their sincere goal of making medical isotopes?  If the answer is yes, I think Iran has found willing buyers for that bridge in Tehran that's for sale.  They're up no good.  It's interesting that Ahmadinejad has just lost some of his power in the supposed elections since April 2011.  .  He and Khamenei have been in a power struggle, and many feel Ahmadinejad may not even last out his term that is to end in 2013, but that the presidency may become null and void.  Iran will become 100% theocracy then. 

It looks like Ahmadinejad can only stall like Santorum said if he goes to any talks.  He can't change the course or Khamenei will have his head.  Radical Shi'a Islam is ruling their political course.

Oregonian Newspaper 3/7/12, page A4; Drums of War: Obama rips GOP over Iran stance from Joshua Teitelbaum

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