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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Netanyahu Speaking at AIPAC Conference Yesterday

Nadene Goldfoot
I was able to watch the AIPAC conference from Washington yesterday on CSPAN2 with Netanyahu's speech to the members.  I suggest you go to the website below to read the highlights of what was said.  He was a marvelous speaker and will not allow Israel to be wiped off the map by Iran's A missiles.  The conference continued this morning and was aired Pacific time 5:30am on CSPAN3. 

Other speakers addressed the audience.  Senator Johnny Isakson was most impressive as a speaker.  Senator Santorum was also a major speaker there and very strong for Israel as well.  Governor Romney was on the circuit for Super Tuesday, but spoke via an interactive hookup where an AIPAC panel asked him questions that he answered.  He was also most supportive of Israel.  Defense Secretary Leon Panetta,  spoke and has Israel's back.  I'm glad he is on our side. 

"There is an unbreakable bond between our two countries." quote right now from Obama on  NBC TV. 


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