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Monday, March 12, 2012

Escalation of Missile Attacks in Israel: Cease Fire Up in Air: ASHKELON'S HOSPITAL AFFECTED

Nadene Goldfoot
Hamas says a ceasefire will come soon, but the perpetrators think not.  Even the terrorists don't agree with each other!  So far, they have shot about 200 missiles into Israel but it is they who have lost the most by doing so.  18 terrorists were killed as well as 5 civilians so far.  On Monday 3 of the civilians were killed and 2 terrorists.  Israel's civilians have been injured, and over a million Israelis have been affected whose lives have come to a standstill in bomb shelters. 

In the meantime, Ashkelon's Barzali Hospital is moving children and mothers to bomb shelters.  Ashkelon is Portland's sister city.  They are sending home many patients as possible.  Otherwise, I've heard that they also have patient quarters in their basement.  The missile bombardment is moving from the south that has been pummeled to the north.  Ashkelon is close to Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Beer-Sheba along the coastal road.  It links Egypt and Syria.  It's one of the oldest cities in the world dating back 4,000 years.  In their park one can see Greek and Roman ruins and remains of ancient synagogues.  It has a population of 120,000.

Gedara, south of Tel Aviv suffered from the attack on Monday.  There is a scarcity of Iron Dome systems to protect all of southern Israel.  Missile damage was sustained by several parked cars.  The IDF hit a terrorist cell by the afternoon in Gaza and terrorists report that a father and daughter were killed, but this has not been confirmed yet by the IDF.  This is one of the problems the IDF have of their ability to pinpoint a hit.  The terrorists purposely hide out among civilians so they can turn things around and blame Israel.  Every possible steps are taken by the IDF to not let this happen, but sometimes it does.

Hamas, who are not the killers this time but are in charge, wants Israel to promise to stop attacking "ticking bomb" terrorists who prepare rocket attacks on Israel.  This is ridiculous by any type of reasoning.  Instead of stopping these killers, they put the onus on the targets.  Israel had already warned that they "will carry out pre-empitve measures to protect" Israel.  The PA, from Ramallah, said it will ask the UN to condemn counter terrorist actions, and call this "terror."  Whatever do they call the feelings Israelis have of this Russian-type of roulette?    In other words, the Arabs want the Israelis to stand still so they can be hit and don't fight back.  Whoever heard of such a slaughter  except when hunters out shooting ducks.

East of Ashdod and only 10 miles from Israel 's major airport is Kiryat Malachi, whose warning sirens were shrieking. 
At the same time on Monday, which is the 4th day of Israel retaliating to the incessant bombing they have endured, the QUARTET,  USA, Russia, EU and UN met to talk about how to bring about a ceasefire.  The missiles have not let up. 

Arutz Sheva News Hospital moves infants to bomb shelter by Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu

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