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Monday, March 12, 2012

Terrorists Won't Stop Firing From Sinai; Warned Not to Use Fajr Missiles

Nadene Goldfoot
On Sunday, March 11, Israel  warned the PRC and Islamic Jihad terrorists strongly not to use the Kajr Missiles which could hit Tel Aviv, or Israel would take further steps.    These missiles, which started in China who had exported WS-1 to Iran in 1990, have become the Persian Dawn 5, an artillary rocket Iran has developed.  Aerospace Industries Org developed them.  They are unguided surface to surface artillery rocket system that they gave to Hezbollah in Lebanon in 2006 who fired them into Israel.  They went deeper than previous rockets with the longest range of all of them.  The range is 110 km or 68+ miles.  That's about the distance from Lincoln City on the coast to Beaverton or Tigard, Oregon. 

Right now they're striking within 25 miles from Tel Aviv.  An 80 year old Israeli woman in Ashdod is the latest injured. Cities have warning systems but may be only able to give 15 second warnings.  It's hard for the old to run fast enough.  I know I couldn't. 

Egypt has acted as mediator and tried very hard to get the Jihad terrorists to move out of the Sinai where they are using the peninsula as a launching pad.  This is why Israel is adamant about trying to stop them.  They are trying to force these Jihadists to give up hitting Israel.  So far over 200 missiles have been dropping on Israel.  It's been going on for too long. 

Resource:  sounds of missile attack

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