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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

European Union's Catherine Ashton Wins Chutzpah Prize: No Understanding of Terror Attacks and Being the Victim

Nadene Goldfoot
The Foreign Policy chief of the European Union, the British Labor politician, Catherine Ashton, had the Chutzpah to compare this recent shooting attack at a Jewish school in Toulouse where 3 children and a teacher were murdered at point blank range with others wounded seriously and the children in Gaza who are accidently caught in the line of shooting from Israel's planes because the terrorists hide out among urban centers for their own protection.  Israel double checks and must have permission before bombing with people who watch out for these things, but sometimes there have been children in the area anyway.  It's something Israel tries hard to avoid.  The attacks from Israel have come only after much bombing on Israel has occurred and feels it must protect its own citizens.

Ashton doesn't think about the thousands of Israeli children who spend their lives in bomb shelters from these same Gaza missiles and who also aspire for a better future against all odds.  Only Israel's protective steps have kept the fatalities of Israelis down, unlike what happens in Gaza, whose terrorists glorify such a thing. 

What is wrong with her?  Is she so afraid to remark that it is terrible as to what has happened in France? 
Now that her comment has gone viral, she's saying it was taken out of context.  It remains a comparison between killers and victims showing no difference.  The slaughter in Toulouse remains an act of anti-Semitism, regardless of whether the killer on the motorcycle was a Nazi, as many now think with some good evidence, or a  maddened Frenchman.  Her statement certainly doesn't help to cure the state of such a disease.  It's like opening up Pandora's box and letting out all the hateful mongers who want to see Israel driven into the sea..  If she doesn't want to see the difference and holds it up in comparison, what can we hope for the rest of the EU? 

Resource: Aruktz Sheva: with video

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