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Sunday, March 11, 2012

This Weekend: Gaza Fired 150 Missiles at Israel: Iran Prods and Supplies Attack

Nadene Goldfoot
"Palestinians fired over 100 Grad missiles, rockets and mortars deep into Israel, wounding four civilians, one of them seriously. Three other people were injured while fleeing for cover. 27 of 29 Grad missiles launched at large cities were intercepted by Iron Dome."  Wikipedia  This just happened in the last few days starting on Thursday.

Most of the attacks followed an Israeli air strike on Zuhair al-Qaissi, commander of the armed wing of the Popular Resistance Committees, a terrorist group with close ties to Hamas, and Mahmoud Hanini, a top field commander in the group. Al-Qaissi had overseen the 2011 southern Israel cross-border attacks, which killed eight Israelis including six civilians.Israeli officials said that he was preparing the final stages of a new mega-attack that could have claimed multiple lives.

In January 2012,  9 rockets and 7 missiles hit Israel in 14 separate attacks.  If one rocket had ever fallen in Portland or Gresham, you can imagine that the population would be in an uproar immediately.  It would not be tolerated.  Not only can death be a result, but fear most of all.  Life comes to a standstill.  Children and adults must flee within a 30 second warning to bomb shelters.  G-d forbid if one is caught in the bathroom!  Work stops.  Afterwards, when all is quiet, the people are not.  They are upset. 

February 8 rockets fell in Israel.

March, 3 rockets fell, a Qassam rocket was shot into Israel as well, and then another.  Purim experienced rockets falling.  Everyone knows it is Iran that is pushing the attacks and supplying the terrorists with these rockets, mortars and missiles. 
Iran has encouraged the Palestinians to continue their attacks on Israel.  At this moment, so far 150 missiles have been fired, but 40 of them landed in Gaza while 37 were stopped by Israel's Iron dome.  Hamas may not have shot them, but being the ruling party, are responsible for the attacks.  Israel thinks Gaza may continue this escalation.

Israel has sent its representative to the UN to ask them to stop the rocket attack.  This is a violation of international law, and the UN have done nothing about it. 

If the UN were really the office of preventing wars and encouraging people to get along, they would have reacted immediately to the first rocket fired from the Palestinian terrorists, whatever the group was from, into Israel and would have found measures to stop them.  That's what we believed they would do back at it's birth; the end to all wars, ever.  Firing missiles into a country is against international law.  The Arab League only condemned Israel for retaliating and trying to protect themselves by stopping the source.  This is why Israel had to take measures to stop them by hitting a Popular Resistance Committee "PRC" chief, Zuheir al Qaisi by hitting his vehicle. 

Resource:  first article about attacks this weekend,_2012

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