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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Qatar: Leader of Arab League Continues 1967 Khartoum Conference No's

Nadene Goldfoot
Israel won the Six Day June 5th-10th 1967 War of Arab States' Aggressive Attack

From August 29 to September 1, 1967, eight Arab States spoke at the 4th Arab League  Khartoum Conference in Sudan, Africa and agreed  to follow three no's.   Attending were Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Sudan and Yemen.  Algeria, Libya, Morocco and Tunisia were represented by their Prime Ministers. 

  No Peace,  No Recognition,  No Negotiations with Israel

Today's Arab League's Council President is Qatar.  The Arab League, known also as the League of Arab States, started in 1945  on the 22nd of March.  Egypt, Iraq, Transjordan (became Jordan), Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and Syria started the group with Yemen to then be admitted.  Today it consists of 22 Arab states with Syria temporarily dropped, so there are 21.  Qatar continues the NO's with Al Jazeera TV, basically. 

This united front is made up of 339,510,535 people living on 5,000,000 sq. miles of Africa and Asia which includes the Sahara Desert.  Their GDP runs about $4.766 trillion dollars.  Compare this with the USA which has 311,591,917 people on 3,531,905.43 sq miles.

It took the possibility of a created Israel to join them together, as these tribal people usually fight among themselves.  For instance, September 1980 was the start of the Iran-Iraq War which did not end until August 1988.  Israel did not come about until May 15, 1948.  Transjordan was in agreement with much concerning the possible Jewish state, so this group united  to prevent Jordan from being so friendly.   The Arab Spring brought about a regime change that may or may not be for the best of the rest of the world.  Syria is still fighting their own people.  Unfortunately, they all join together in degrees against Israel. 

The Arab League met in Doha, Qatar on March 30, 2009.  Mubarak of Egypt boycotted the conference because he disagreed with Qatar's stand about the Israel-Gaza 2008-2009 conflict.  Saudi Arabia didn't want to attend if Hamas and Iran were attending, but they didn't and the king showed up.  Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani of Qatar spoke, which caused Gaddafi to apologize to King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, and he tried to make up with him. 

The  International Criminal Court  had a warrant out for Darfur  for war crimes of practicing genocide, but the Arab League gave a warm welcome to the Sudanese President Omar Hassan al Bashir anyway.  Darfur is remembered for the 2003 uprising of the Sudanese military, police and the Arab Janjaweed tribe of camel herding nomads  against civilians of genocide, causing mass displacement and coercive migrations with millions of civilians living in refugee camps.  This affected at least 5 million people.  This didn't settle down until 2010. 

Resource: excellent Qaradawi against Egypt's proposed steel wall in Gaza

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