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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Terrorists Hit Urban Centers While Israel Hits Terrorist Cells

Nadene Goldfoot
Egypt has brokered a cease fire between Gazan terrorists and Israel, and for agreeing the terrorists have been promised fuel from Egypt.  However, the terrorists haven't kept to the agreement which went into effect late Monday night and kept hitting Israel throughout the day on Tuesday!

Total Israeli injuries in the 4 day attacks are 8.  One Israeli was lightly injured on the hand  by flying glass on Tuesday evening in Netivot where a rocket landed.  11 people suffered from shock since the cease fire, but dozens suffered throughout the ordeal since March 9th.  This attack was after rockets slammed into the Ashkelon beach.

Terrorists shoot rockets into densely populated civilian areas and for themselves use human Gazan civilians as shields. Israelis mostly live in high rise apartments and have bomb shelters in each.  At least Safed does.  Everything comes to a stop when that 15 second warning siren is heard.  That's why few so far have been killed. 

In return as promised, IAF aircraft hit 2 terrorist centers in northern Gaza by Tuesday night.  Israel suffered from over 200 rockets hitting civilian centers, while Israel only targeted known terrorist cells and killed 27 Gazans, most of which were terrorists.  Again, Gazan civilians are accidently killed because they are too near the cells. They have their wounded from the attack as well. It's amazing to me that people wouldn't move away from them. Perhaps they're not allowed.

Reports are coming from leaders of Hizbullah and Hamas  that the terrorists' attack on Israel was coordinated by the Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood testing reactions.   Hassan Nasrallah of Hizbullah did meet with Hamas leader #2 Dr. Moussa Abu Marzouk.  Their meeting on Monday night put the blame on Israel for the escalation.  Hamas says they are planning another "million-man" march on Israel the end of March. 

Resource: Arutz Sheva by Elad Benari and Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu

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