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Friday, March 23, 2012

UN's Endless Bias and Kangaroo Court Against Only Israel

Nadene Goldfoot
The Human Rights Council of the UN  met on Thursday, March 22nd and the most they worked on was bashing Israel.  They are hypocritical and have an automatic majority of states against Israel.  This 47-nation group adopted 5 resolutions condemning Israel. 

Countries serving this year include Bangladesh,  Burkina Faso (til 2014) China, Cuba, Djibouti, Indonesia (til 2014) Jordan, Hungary,  Kyrgyzstan, Kuwait (till 2014) Libya (till 2013) Malaysia (til 2013) Maldives (til 2013) Mauritania ( til 2013)  Nigeria, Norway, Poland (till 2013) Qatar (till 2013) Romania (till 2014) Russian Federation, Spain (till 2013) Saudi Arabia , Senegal, USA and Uruguay.

Except USA, the  Muslim majority states (heavy black print) are very anti-Israel and the other states are or have had several incidences again  of anti-Semitism/Israel.  I am disappointed that Cuba and Uruguay didn't go along with the USA in this.  Norway has become a hub of anti-Semitism/Israel, worse than Sweden.    

 One of the resolutions against Israel  is creating a new "fact-finding mission" into alleged Israeli violations relating to settlements which will cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. It is to investigate the implications of the Israeli settlements on the civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights of the Palestinian people throughout the "Occupied Palestinian Territory" which includes East Jerusalem.  They are to come up with a report.   Of course this group can only condemn Israel, the state that has been shelled constantly from Hamas in Gaza, and you don't hear a word condemning Hamas at all or how Israel feels about being shelled.  It's all one-sided and a farce to intelligence.

They also watered-down a text which allows Sri Lanka to determine what advice it receives from the UN.  They ignored proposed resolutions for victims of abuses in China, Cuba, Saudi Arabia and Zimbabwe. 

This council is failing its founding mission to defend the world's victims of human rights violations.  They are biased and condemn the victim, Israel, for defending itself against aggressors full of the desire to kill them.

This new attack on Israel, a mission concerning settlements, with co-sponsors of Syria and Iran is such a fraud.  We know what their outcome will be without going through the pretense.  Israel will not go along with this kangaroo court.  The PA and their Arab friends know that this is subverting any chance of negotiating any peace agreement or reconciliation between Israel and the PA. 

This is causing Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman to say he is thinking of recalling Israel's ambassador to the UN Human Rights council after hearing of the vote of 36-1 with 10 abstentions mission to investigate the effects of Jewish settlements on Palestinians.  The USA was the vote against such a thing.

What the UN has done is including implementing the Goldstone report on the Gaza war and criticize Israel's occupation of the Golan Heights as well.  Not only does this resolution expect Israel to cooperate but tells Israel to prevent settler violence against Palestinians in the West Bank. 

In reality, it is the Palestinians who are the violent ones against the Jews.  The Human Rights doesn't want to know about reality if it involves Jewish human rights.  .

Something they should remember is that in 1946 Jews owned 8.6% of the land  in Israel  as of 1975.  Arabs who remained in Israel owned 3.3%.  16.5% was owned by Arabs who fled at the advice/orders from their leaders.  The remainder was state land that legally passed from the British Mandatory government to its successor, the government of Israel. 

By ganging up and attacking Israel in 1967, the Arab nations lost the war they started and therefore lost the land that has become "West Bank", Golan Heights, East Jerusalem and Gaza, which they have gained back and use as an attack pad.  The lesson here should be not to keep attacking Israel as they keep on losing!  The more they attack the more they lose.  It's just cause and effect. 

The move to re-create Israel started in earnest back in  1881 but had been going on for more than 3,000 years since the time of Abraham.  Israel has been in existence and accepted by the UN  for the past 64 years.  It was created to be the Jewish Homeland. 

I attended a program at Reed College several years ago where Palestinians were speakers voicing their anti-Israel propaganda and saw the audience, made up mostly of an Eastmorland, Portland non-Jewish audience just eat it all up!  They stood and clapped, not knowing at all that what was being said was pure propaganda and twisted information.  I, as an Israeli knew that what they were saying was full of lies instigating that sleeping anti-Semitism in the crowd.  I can see that it's easy to convince these Human Rights countries to go along with their Arab friends in condemning Israel as they use no knowledge to reverse such an attitude. 

Jewish Digest Decemter 1975  Myths and Facts About the Arab-Israel conflict condensed from Near East Report page 3.

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