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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Double Standards Used in Freedom of Speech Against Jews

Nadene Goldfoot
The David Horowitz Freedom Center has found out the hard way that Jews are not free to express any facts that might defend themselves on college campuses.

Every year since 2005, colleges and universities in the USA hold an Israeli Apartheid Week that is based on hatred,  misinformation and downright lies about Israel. "It in general is a Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaigns as part of a growing global BDS movement"  against Israel.  It ends up harassing Jewish students in attendance as well as support for Hamas, a terrorist organization.  Physical violence against the Jewish students is usually an end result.

This year the David Horowitz Freedom Center answered this disgusting week with an Islamic Apartheid Week, giving back something similar to what they have been slinging at Israel.    Only whereas  Israeli apartheid is a lie,  the Freedom Center's attack is based on the facts found in Islam such as sexism, homophobia and religious bigotry that threatens Jews, Christians and other minorities.  To do this they attempted to put ads in 40 college newspapers.

The ad's heading was "Faces of Islamic Apartheid"   It told of gay men hung in Iran, women and girls murdered for falling in love with non-Muslims. Also, it told of a Pakistan cabinet member murdered for trying to reform Sharia Law in his country.  In total, it told about 4 women, 3 men and a little girl who were victims of the real Islamic apartheid of which 5 have been murdered.

The colleges and universities turned the ad down.  In the end, 5 colleges turned the ad down in the U of California system who also tolerate anti-Semitism on their campuses.  It's shocking to come from such a liberal environment, liberal except when it comes to Jews.  4 others turned the ad down.  For those who printed it, they were full of apologies for doing so like calling it an editorial oversight.

One thing the Freedom Center neglected to do was to bring out how many groups of people are Israelis; Europeans, Americans, Africans, Orientals, Muslims, Jews, and even a few Christians.  They neglected to bring out the fact that the Palestinians, for this is what it's all centered over, plan to make their state 100% Muslim.  No Jews will be allowed to live there.  We do have thousands of Jews living in Judea and Samaria right now, and this is going to be very sticky as there are parts of these ancient Jewish lands already legally decided to be okay for Jews to live there.  They forgot to mention that 1.4 or more million Arabs are citizens of Israel and serve in the knesset as well.  But who would ever read these facts?  Certainly not a group designed to plummet Israel with nonsensical false information in order to promote their cause.

This constant barrage of hate causes great concern to Jews in the states.  Some have even tried to do what the Muslims have done to us with ads on buses.  That hasn't gone over too well.  I hate to see us stoop to the same lengths as what has been done to us, but given the circumstances, at times it seems there is no other way to get our views across.  Trying to tell the truth and get students to listen has led to the Freedom Center's ads.

What's wrong with our higher educational system?  It's turned political instead of a place to learn.  Of course, like in the past, the Jews are suffering for it. This is the place where intelligent students should be learning to dig out facts. It's the last bastion to learn true facts.    Israel is called America's friend by our government, but higher educators are allowing people to erase facts and only follow the prevailing crowd spewing hatred.  Are they encouraging research?  Are they bringing in speakers for Israel?  Are they teaching students to politely listen to Israel's view of the Israel-Palestine situation?  No, it looks like they're as guilty as those that spew the evil accusations.  Debates are not even attracting  students  who stay away if there are any held.  No, but watch them flock to a hip hop group.

Resource: David Horowitz:  April Newsletter

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