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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Some Facts About "Occupation"; The Subject That Norway Holds As Reason to Support Terrorists

Nadene Goldfoot
Here are some facts that most people are not aware of in their zeal to discredit Israel as being those "terrible occupiers" of Palestinian Land."

Lets start with the fact that Canaan, or Eretz (land of)  Canaan, as the Jews called it originally, almost 4,000 years ago, was named Israel as it was the Israelites who entered and took it and then later the land was Israel and Judea.  These were Jewish states.  Israel was created first with King Saul in the 11th century BCE, then King David and  King Solomon.  When Solomon died in 920 BCE, the Jews divided up as if they were Republicans and Democrats and created Judea  with the southern half with the remainder of the tribe of Judah which included Jerusalem.  They were the more religious of the two by then.   There was never a country or state called Palestine.  It was the Romans who simply renamed the land as "Palestine, out of nastiness in order to minimize the Jewish association with it, which they then called it Palestine Syria."  After 70 CE it was no-man's land except for the remaining Jews that lived there as well as nomadic Arabs that wandered through on their way to better places.

True, our case rests on land held 4,000 years ago, but no one has really wanted it or lived there besides Jews who hadn't left and some nomadic Arabs wandering through.  The few Arab landowners lived elsewhere, not in the swamp and desert, and weed-filled barren land it had become from neglect after 70 CE.  Many rulers have held title, but none lived there.  It was only after many  Jews returned in the 1880's CE as pioneers fleeing from pogroms that Arabs tagged along to get jobs from them. If Arabs wanted their own state, which the British assumed that they would, wouldn't they also have accepted their offer in 1948?    No, their goal was just to oust the returned Jews.

By 1948 CE we find Egypt occupying Gaza and Jordan occupying Judea and Samaria, the original Jewish land.  Jews had congregated in Western Palestine and had built Tel Aviv and other cities along the coast.  That's one reason why England gave away 80% of the Jewish Homeland after WWI to Transjordan.  Yes, the Jewish Homeland had included Jordan's site as well.  Take out your Old Testament and read about the land G-d had allotted to Moses and the freed slaves.  It's there in detail.

Palestinian terrorism began before any occupation in 1929 when the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem ordered terrorist attacks against Jewish residents of Hebron.  The Jews had lived there since Abraham bought a cave to bury Sarah.  Hebron, because of that, is a Jewish holy city and has been for generations.  Today it's taken over by the Arabs.

After 1967's war whereupon the Arab countries attacked Israel in the attempt to drive her into the sea and destroy her, Israel, with guts, determination and the will of G-d won, defying all odds.  That's when she inherited Gaza and Judea-Samaria and they became "occupied" by her. Did Israel attack these places to take them to occupy?  Indeed not.  It had enough problems to deal with.  This was almost the straw that broke the camel's  back.  However, it did allow Jews to go to the sacred Western Wall for the first time in Jerusalem since before 1948 to pray, which the soldiers all did.  Now Jerusalem, Israel's capital, is a unified city. It was our capital between 1,000 BCE and 586 BCE and again between 516 BCE to 70 CE.   I must say thanks to Ha Shem (G-d) , who works in wondrous ways.  Had the Arab countries not attacked in 1967, this would not have happened.  "The armies of Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon are poised on the borders of face the challenge, while standing behind us are the armies of Iraq, Algeria, Kuwait, Sudan and the whole Arab nation." So said the King of Jordan.   It was over in 6 days.

Terrorism grew worse after Israel ended its occupation of southern Lebanon and Gaza around 2005.  These unoccupied lands  became launching pads for rockets and missiles and mortars and the Palestinians started kidnapping soldiers.

No matter how kind Israelis reacted to Palestinians and no matter how many good programs they set up to help them attain a normalized life, the Palestinians had a set mind of attack and kill, shown by voting in Hamas, terrorists and ousting Fatah's Abbas-Yasser Arafat's replacement.

Islamic terrorists have sworn to continue terrorism even if Israel were to end its occupation of the Judea-Samaria area , and Israel has about 3/4 of the way already by allowing the PA to govern themselves.  Israel just keeps minimum rights there for their own security.  The sad fact is that Terrorists regard all of Israel as occupied.  They do not recognize the UN decision of their legal statehood of May 14, 1948.  If there were no Israel, terrorism would continue as long as any part of the world is not under Islamic control.  Just check out and see where Shaaria law is to supersede USA law lately.  It's already happening.

Countries have occupied others in the past.  For instance, the Tibetans have never resorted to terrorism against innocent Chinese civilians, though they have never been offered independence, and their occupation has been longer and more brutal than anything experienced by the Palestinians.  From 1911 to 1949 Tibet was an independent country till the Chinese invasion and occupation.  The difference is in the temperament between Tibetans and Palestinians, of course, helped along  by their different religious goals in life.   After WWI England occupied "Palestine" which had been part of the holdings of the Ottoman Empire.  France occupied Syria and Lebanon.  The British were terrible towards the Jews but allowed Arabs into the country illegally.  Britain also occupied India since the 1800's  and other places, but they've never been occupied, themselves.

The United States "occupied" Germany and Japan after WWII.  How would Americans like it if they continued to attack the USA from there or other areas closer.  Israel is in a far more precarious position of having Gaza and Judea-Samaria on the left and right borders of tiny Israel.

Occupation doesn't cause terrorism unless the occupiers are very cruel, and Israel has bent over backwards to help the Palestinians but were "slapped in the face" for doing so.  After all, Israel was occupied by the Romans in the first century and suffered greatly from it.  These Arabs were treated terribly by their Arab occupiers and Israel mistakenly thought they were actually freeing them.

Terrorism causes occupation and the measures taken to bring safety to the citizens.  Israel would have left Gaza and much of Judea and Samaria if not for the fear of terrorism from those areas.  Would Israel have gone into southern Lebanon in 1982 if it had not become a base for terrorism?  No.  Israel had to repeat this again in 2006 to stop rocket attacks and retrieve kidnapped soldiers out of Lebanon.

The international community did nothing to protect Israeli citizens from cross-border rocket attacks, kidnappings and suicide bombers.  If occupation is the only resource for Israel for protection, they may need to do it.  Israel has given land for peace, while the Palestinians have ventured nothing but more attacks.  Israel will not give land again which will be used for terrorism.

Israel left Gaza after a 2 day occupation in July 2006 and what happened?  A rocket from there hit an Israeli kindergarten causing children to go to the hospital.  Israel had left leaflets when they departed warning of dire consequences if rockets were fired again.  Our enemy feels that their deaths are worth the trouble if they can kill Israelis.  They put Arab mothers on pedestals who have given many sons to the cause.   Where we toast a l'chaim to life, they must be praying for death where they will be rewarded.

People who are notorious for not having human rights in their countries are Syria, Zimbabwe, China, Venezuela, Cuba, Cambodia and the former Soviet Union.  They always blame everything on their revolutions.  Islam has allowed extremists to bubble up in their religion such as Hezbollah, Hamas, Islamic Jihad and other groups.  They are oppressors of women, gays, racial minorities, religious dissidents and real human rights advocates.  Saudi women can only ride a motorcycle while covered completely and if accompanied by a male family member in designated areas. This wouldn't be so terrible but their counties can get up to 130 degrees F.   They torture and murder civilians, use human shields in their zeal to attack Israel with propaganda.  That's probably how they conducted their past year's voting in of Hamas once again.  How is it that all these groups come down on Israel and every other country is following suit?  Can they not see the Pied Piper of Hamelin through the haze?  They're following the wrong ideals!  There are Muslim states such as Syria that follow Iran who advocates nuclear proliferation and  environmental destruction.  There are 49 Muslim majority states, so there are others as well.

Jews are extremely  sensitive in calling to attention the bad points about Islam as they have put up with people doing this to them for the past 2,000 years.  But I must point out that the Muslims were on the side of the Nazis in WWII so are also a political group as well as a religious one, even going to Hitler in Germany and were so desirous of seeing Jews destroyed that they are still reading Nazi literature for their recreational time.  It amazes me since they are also Semites, but they see a great distinction.

Yet we have weak-minded professors from Columbia U. that planned to travel to Iran to apologize to Ahmadinejad   for Columbia U.'s president Lee Bollinger who gave a critical introduction of him on September 24, 2008.  .  It's like apologizing to Hitler, and I imagine we have Americans today that would have done just that back in 1939.  Ahmadinejad, who must be the #1 worst person in the world today,  is a bigoted tyrant who has incited genocide and whose government has murdered innocent Jewish children, women and other civilians in Argentina.  It is his country who wants to wipe Israel off the map with an atomic bomb and right after that dump a few on the USA as well for good measure. It is he who is helping Assad's regime in Syria who have killed over 60,000 people already.  This past week alone they killed 6,000 or better.

In our letters to the editor of the Oregonian of March 30th were 2 letters complaining that Israel was now calling the shots to attack Iran's nuclear facilities because Obama promised that he had Israel's back.  They didn't like allowing Israel to call the timing of this should it ever happen.  It is a huge responsibility to protect one's own land from harm.  If irrational Iran  cannot be stopped by all that Obama is doing, there is only one alternative left before being incinerated, folks, and this includes the USA in the wake of all this as well. Israel is not suffering from paranoia as it's not an imagined fear.

 Iran has announced publicly over and over of their sense of purpose in destroying Israel.  You must be a student of Islam to understand that they don't make rash threats.  They first warn, and then they do the deed.  Even some Arabs such as the Saudis are counting on the Israelis to stop Iran for they're in dire danger as well.  It wasn't too long ago that Iran fought Iraq, a Sunni state against a Shi'a state.  Christians have had their Catholic-Protestant battles and the Islamists have this difference that makes them fighting mad. To allow a 4th religion in the area is beyond their comprehension.   Look at what's happened to the Christians in Egypt lately.

Israel isn't occupying Gaza at all.  That's why the Palestinian Arabs have shot at southern Israel citizens. They try to  make sure that weapons do not get to them since they use them all against Israel, though.  Wouldn't you?   So tell me, what's all the to-do about "occupation" being the reason that people have been supplying terrorists with finances to continue with?

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