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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Secret Iranian Underground Nuclear Facility "QUDS" (Jerusalem) Spotted

Nadene Goldfoot
Google earth recently uncovered satellite imagery of a Quds underground nuclear facility which has crossed all of Netanyahu's red lines and then some.  It's 10 miles northwest of the facility at Fordow.  There are 3 sections.  They have a center for long distance missiles.  A high-ranking intelligence officer assigned to the regime’s Defense Ministry,  blew the whistle by providing the coordinates and the detailed information on the operation of the complex, which consists of three facilities.  Hundreds of missiles were seen surrounding this site.

Yet Iran's Atomic Energy Organization head, Fereidoon Abassi, in a press conference  flatly denies that there is any missile warhead complex that is so visible on the satellites.  They said "WND-revealed secret uranium enrichment site, dubbed “Quds,”  doesn't exist.  If that isn't what it is, why aren't they saying what it is, then?

WND exposed the story on March 20th.  The Washington Times followed up the story the very next day. Now I've just gotten wind about it from a friend.

"Iran's regime’s scientists are enriching uranium to weapons grade. They already have enough plutonium for several bombs and are in the last stage of putting together a nuclear warhead. This first section of this facility  is called “Quds” after Jerusalem, as they believe Israel will soon be destroyed and Jerusalem restored to Muslim rule." I suppose they must be thinking of when the Ottoman Empire ruled all of the Middle East.  Perhaps Iran wants to take  Jordan, Syria and the rest of the Middle East countries as well and make it the "Persian Empire."  Now they are in the last stages of putting together a nuclear warhead.  I doubt if they are ahead of North Korea's progress, though. However,  their 3rd facility is a very large " site that houses over 380 missile depots and launching pads.

That certainly tells us what Iran's intentions are and how far along they have come.  They are now telling everyone that the only site they have is at "Fordow in the vicinity of the cities of Qom to Natanz,

Iran's Defense Ministry was very defensive about it so their Golpannews source explained that it was just a military site.  "By calling Quds a military site it is therefore not accessible for inspection by the IAEA."  Calling it "QUDS' is a dead giveaway.  We can read between the lines as well as read a google earth map

America is so concerned that they are going to have Congress hold a hearing about it.  It certainly appears that all the talks that have been going on have bought Iran time to work on their dirty deed.

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