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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Iran's Aim To Be Top Dog in Middle East With Rockets for Gaza

Nadene Goldfoot
Iran is not showing us any signs that the Palestinians are only striving for a just peace with Israel or that it is only a perception of ours  that they only dislike the "expansionist policies of Israel". Some naive persons believe they will all shut up if a just peace is established.  What is a just peace in their eyes is plain destruction of Israel, as they have already stated.  If they want a just peace, why can't they bring themselves to recognize Israel as the Jewish state?  Did someone say this is not about religion?
Sorry, but their expansionist opinion is that of Israel  having established the state of Israel in the first place.  Israel is not a state aiming to expand and become an empire. It only wants what was promised to them through legal channels but since 80% of that had been stolen, expects to keep the rest without having to fight for it every second or give up anymore land.  That's why recognition is necessary.   The so called Palestinians are simply pawns in the game of the many to wipe Israel out.   Such happened in 1967 when every Arab country under the sun attacked Israel but Israel managed to keep them at bay and won!  By doing this, the Arabs cooked their own goose.  Israel was able to legally win back Judea, Samaria  and east Jerusalem by default from their greediness. The state that was cheated in the first place in 1948 was Israel as the Brits with the mandate in their pocket gave away 80% of the promised land of the Jews to the Arabs who created Jordan.  Yes, land east and west of the Jordan River was promised to be part of the Jewish Homeland as defined by the League of Nations.

Frankly, I don't see the King of Jordan as the most greedy one, but he joined the fight in 1967 rather reluctantly, I thought.  It was Egypt who led the fight.  Jordan had peer pressure to engage in this.  Since then he has been a fairly good neighbor.  I don't think he wants war again.  He did sign a peace treaty.

  The sorry state of affairs  is that the Arabs living in Gaza and in Judea and Samaria still will not recognize Israel.  It will not go through the mistake of leaving Gaza, lock stock and barrel only to gain rockets falling into their country again.  The true fact is that they're not out for any sort of "just"  peace and the West and everyone else has blinders on if they can't admit it.  Now the offer is a trade off of land to go back to 67 lines which are indefensible as previously proven- with still no recognition.  No deal, folks.  Israel is not stupid.
To muddy up the waters, Iran has sent Gaza 50,000 missiles and thousands of anti-tank rockets.  On February 8, 2013, Ali Akbar Velayati, advisor to Iran's supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei for International Affairs said that their shipment of simple Fajr missles to Gaza put 3 million Israelis in bomb shelters.  My,  doesn't that make Iran look like the power house. Then 3 days later, Ali Saeedi, Khamenei's representative in the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps piped up with the comment that they were Fajr-5 missiles that Iran gave to Gaza as a gift.  Gazans are naming their new born babies after the Fajr-5 missiles.

Only 6 months ago  in November 2012, Javad Karimi  admitted that Iran sent Gaza 50,000 missiles and thousands of anti-tank rockets.  He sounded like he was bragging when he said that "Launching Fajr-5 missiles at the center of Tel Aviv attests to a major victory in the conflict over Palestine in favor of the Iranian nation (you see, it's all about Iran, not Palestine) and allowed Iran to once again prove its strength to the world.  Already he's claiming victory and it was because of the crucial role Iran played in it.

Fajr-5 missiles have a range of up to 80 km. or 50 miles.   The distance from Gaza to Tel Aviv is 71km or 44 miles.   Iran was proud of the damage Israel took from them in November 2012 in the Operation Pillar of Defense.  This transfer has been confirmed.  They struck Tel Aviv against the advice from a revolutionary in North Africa.  Fajr-5's were developed in 1980-1990 when China exported the WS-1 MLRS to Iran.  From there they have copied and manufactured them.  The Fajr-5 missiles were supplied to Hezbollah in Lebanon in 2006, when Gaza was shooting rockets into southern Israel in mass numbers.

At a November 2012 Basij conference in Mashhad, Iran,  Javad Karimi said they did it because "if we do not defend Gaza, we will suffer casualties in the streets of Mashhad.    He considered hitting Tel Aviv a major victory  in favor of the Iranian nation and allowed Iran to once again prove its strength to the world.  Lee Smith, author, would call this Iran's bid to be "The Strong Horse" in the Middle East.  Mashhad is 530 miles east of Tehran close to the borders of Afghanistan and Turkmenistan, a main oasis along the ancient silk road to China.

I see.  Empowering Gaza with missiles will keep Gaza from signing any peaceful agreements with Israel which might take away Iran's power among its peer group.

Now we get down to the nitty gritty.  Iran is also showing everyone how there is no conflict between Shi'ites and Sunnis by helping out Gaza because on November 17, 2012, the daily Kayhan, a close person to Khamenei,  claimed that the launch of missiles like the Fajr-5 at Israel by the Islamic resistance in Gaza shows that Iran supports the Islamic resistance front and completely disregards the artificial conflict between Shi'ites and Sunnis."   Boy oh boy, the Gazans are going to have to pay for this through the nose.  They're not going to get off easily.  They now owe their soul to Iran.

Resource:  Daily Alert;   from MEMRI.
Book:  The Strong Horse; power, politics, and the clash of Arab Civilizations, by Lee Smith  Lee writes and researches to find out why the Arabs hate us.   He has lived in Cairo, Beirut and Jerusalem and discovered the clash within the Arab civilizations themselves.

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