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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Demands of Palestinians; Amazing Chutzpah!

Nadene Goldfoot
The Palestinians have refused to recognize Israel ever since its birth in 1948.  They have now given Israel the ultimatum of recognizing their future Palestinian state which sits on Israel's land from 1967 borders.  They even claim all of Jerusalem as their capital.  Their statements have not mentioned East Jerusalem as their capital, only the word, "Jerusalem." 

They plan to go to the UN in September to announce their state and have given Israel a year to recognize them.  What Chutzpah!  They refuse to continue peace talks, and Abbas has united with the present-day terrorists, Hamas,  who continue to shoot missles and mortars into Israel and they're calling the shots with ultimatums. 

All Israel has experienced from these Arabs is war.  They were attacking before Israel was created and really have never stopped.  Israel contains over a million Arabs who did not leave when Israel was created in 48 and are citizens, but the others have remained hostile and rebellious.  Israel has done more than any other country would in the name of peace by giving up part of their already teeny state to them, but it hasn't brought peace at all.  In fact, to the Arabs they must sense weakness in doing so.  Israel has wised up.  They're not going to recognize this Palestine if they are recognized by the U.N.  I think the Palestinians have never heard of one of our lessons:  Do unto others as you would have others do unto you. 

At any rate, the USA will not deal with any Palestinian government that include Hamas, which is a terrorist organization unless they change their charter, reports Hillary Clinton.  They must adopt the Quartet principals.  They first must recognize Israel's right to exist; renounce violence and respect past Palestinian-Israel agreements.   Peace talks with Fatah's Abbas didn't come to this agreement.  Fatah is agreeing now with Hamas, so I don't see this happening. 

Resource:, from Ma'an Palestine News Agency and AIPAC

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