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Friday, May 13, 2011

Palestinians and Observance of Israel's Birthday

Nadene Goldfoot
Israel's 63rd birthday was celebrated on Tuesday, which is according to the Hebrew calendar.  Palestinians are mourning Israel's birthday and call this day Nakba Day (translated as "catastrophe",) to be marked on Sunday the 15th.    Now that the two terrorist groups have banded together again of Fatah and Hamas, they continue to keep on Hamas's charter the goal to destroy Israel and never accept its existence.  They are planning many marches and demonstrations from now till Sunday, and these may not remain peaceful. 

Therefore this has become an uneasy day in Israel, especially in Jerusalem where they want to take over this city as their capital.  Younger Muslims have to be denied entrance into Jerusalem today as they have vowed such destruction.  Only people that are age 45 and older are allowed entrance. during this time.  The army and police are trying to keep law and security in the city. 

On May 14, 1948, Israel was declared a state through the United Nations.  Within minutes all the Arab nations attacked her.  About 160,000 Arabs stayed in their homes while others left because of the directions by their leaders.  They were told that the Arabs were attacking and they should leave and that when they won they could return and take over the Jews' homes.  It didn't happen.  The Jews won and the leaders of the Arab families got them into camps instead of returning.  They were used as pawns by these Arab leaders as a propaganda threat to Israel.  Yahoo news reports that there were more than 760,000 who had fled.  Today their number is about 4.7 million.  The leaders of today want to establish their own state of Palestine on Israel territory and have these millions return to overcome Israel.  Israel finds that this would be an impossible situation. 

Palestinians also have a website called "The Third Intifada" which calls for another uprising where they plan to have thousands of Palestinians march towards homes of their ancestors from 1948.  They want to bring in Palestinians who have made homes in other countries for this uprising. 

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