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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Sarkosy & Cameron Get It but Ben Ami Hesitant

Nadene Goldfoot
Nicolas Sarkosy, President of France and David Cameron, PM of England  realize that Palestine has to renounce terrorism and recognize Israel.  This was part of the conditions that have to take place before Israel can be expected to enter into peace discussions with them.  They said that Israel can only enter into making peace with those who are not trying to destroy her.  This is how Netanyahu also feels   and is why he went to speak with them. 

Being that Fatah has united with Hamas, the terrorists who will not renounce their goals to destroy Israel, any talks now are pretty impossible.

Ben Ami, leader of J. Street, the new leftist group trying to replace AIPAC, still sees it differently.  He is urging a trial period for the Palestine coalition.  He feels he needs to see a clearer policy from them.  He recommends that Israel test their policy before condemning them.  Whereas, Israel is thinking of cutting all ties now with Fatah which will stop Israel's flow of money into Palestine.  There's no need to supply Abbas with funds that can be used for weapons against Israel.  Hamas has been very direct on what their united Palestine's goal is, and it doesn't include Israel. 


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