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Friday, May 27, 2011

Jewish Right to Perform Circumcision in San Francisco and in the World

Nadene Goldfoot
The people of San Francisco have 7,700 signatures making it official that a vote will be on the ballot in November outlawing circumcision.  This is a rite given to Jews from bible days in that this brit mila (Hebrew for circumcision) is practiced at the age of 8 days.  Now San Francisco is trying to take our right away with the penalty of $1,000 or a year in jail.  In a city of leftists, I see down right anti-semitism against Jews in this act. 

Because Jews have done this for so long, 80% of the males in the US  have had  it done automatically in the hospital because it was a good surgical technique that saved lives of males.  It has a cleanliness factor.  Suddenly Jews can't do it or be penalized?  What timing ! 

If there are any Jews who don't care to have this procedure done, they don't have to, but in a tight Jewish community it would be considered weird not to.  There would only be a social condemnation in a community where a brit mila ceremony is practiced.   We Jews have no police inspecting children.  It's our choice to do so.  It says much to us, such as our son is a member of our Jewish community.  Even with non-affiliated Jews the parent or parents breathe a sigh of relief when a circumcision is performed in the hospital.  The last people that tried to stop us were the Romans.  So now you're in good company, San Francisco. 

Usually when a boy is born a big party is planned for the brit mila.  A mohel, an orthodox gentleman who is trained to perform the circumcision, does it.  It's also called the "Covenant of Abraham," because this comes from Abraham which was the sign of his covenant with G-d.  It has become our symbol distinguishing the Jew from the idolator.  Of course today many men in the United States have had it done, but it still has this important meaning to us.  Muslims do it to their sons at age 13.  Not doing it is taking away our extremely important right. 

Nobody in this world is forced to have it done.  Why is it necessary to punish Jews who want to do it?  Isn't this an example of coming down hard on the Jewish community?  Is San Francisco trying to make Dhimmis (3rd class citizens) out of Jews like they were in Arab lands? 

Not only are Jews are being discriminated against, but all males in our society.  The choice of having this healthy procedure done is ours, not the government.  This isn't protecting rights.  This is a sneaky way of taking away our rights.

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