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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Nakba Day Destructive for Israel and Arabs

Nadene Goldfoot
Israel knew that there would be demonstrations on the Arab "Nakba Day",  the Arab day of mourning because Israel had been created.  Arab demonstrations in and around Israel have historically been attended with some violence, so Israel thought they were prepared for anything.  Israel allows demonstrations being they are a democratic society but they do not allow rioting as this causes people to be hurt.  So they had the police and the army out for protection. 

This time the Palestinians also had with them Syrians and Hizballah, the anti-Israel terrorist party of God , making a force of monumental size, more like a Mongol invasion.  Hizballah are followers of the former Shiaa Imam Khomeini of Iran.  Three borders were breached by these invaders with a blood lust.  They crashed through the Golan and Lebanon borders and the Gaza Strip.  Dozens overran the Israeli Golan village of Majd al Shams and put up Syrian and Palestinian flags in the square.

Palestinians are being sponsored by Hizballah and they crashed through the Lebanese-Israeli border and damaged IDF installation.  Hundreds battered the Erez crossing from the Gaza Strip.

Israel had to defend themselves.   Many Israelis were injured.  On the Syrian border thousands were in the act of crossing the border but were finally halted. 

Debka File had reported that Damascus, Syria had planned trouble against Israel to divert people from the rebellion against the Assad regime.  Bashar Assad's cousin Ramy Makhlouf had threatened on the 10th that if Americans and Europeans didn't stop backing the Syrian anti-regime uprising, they would  go to war on Israel or Palestinians to harm Israel.  Israel needed more forces than they had along the Golan border as this turned out to be breached. 

The Lebanese army was on high alert on the Syrian border.  Syrian forces and anti-regime protesters have escalated in Syrian border villages.  At least 8 other places in Israel, including Tel Aviv and Jerusalem became problematic because of Nakba. 

The leaders are angry now that Israel dared to defend themselves and are threatening  because of it.  I suppose they think they can attack without any loss of life.  Such thinking is so convoluted.  Netanyahu reminded them that Israel would defend its borders.

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