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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Obama's Flawed Statement About Judea and Samaria

Nadene Goldfoot
Obama wants Israel to go back to the 1967 lines and then make some adjustments with the Palestinians. 

Been there, done that, Obama.  I do not feel your plan is a worthy one.  It is logical only to the cold, callous and non-caring. 

Our forefathers who yearned and planned from all over the world were able to put forth a plan to the League of Nations after Germany fell in the first world war and bring it to fruition.  They did settle for less than half of the land to be Israel than they had been originally promised, and they took it gladly.  The Arabs refused their very generous allotment offered.  That's because our need was great, greater even than the Pilgrims' need to sail for America.  Our need was a matter of life and death.  The Arabs, what few that had been living there or traversing it on camels, were not of the ilk that were nation-builders and had no need.  They just wanted the freedom and were not about to allow Jews into the land.  After all, the Ottoman Empire had been on the German side in The Great War. 

Israel has had to fight to exist in 1948, 1956 and again in 1967.  Enough already.  That's when we gained Judea and Samaria, the part that was originally promised as the Jewish Homeland that we had to resign ourselves to not receive as it was to be given THEN to the Arabs.  And it had always been known to anyone as Judea and Samaria.  It was the Jordanians who referred to it as "The West Bank" because it was land  that was west of the Jordan River, which is a great dividing element.  Note: Israel didn't go after Judea and Samaria and attack Jordan and the Arabs to get it.  It was gained after all the nations around attacked Israel.  That's what happens.  People lose land because of their blood-thirsty decisions to kill and seize another's country.

The Arabs continued to fight Israel in 73 and again 82 when we had to go into Lebanon to stop the PLO from attacks.  You know the PLO, who have renamed themselves Fatah.  2000 has seen an insurgance of attacks from Gaza, the land we gave up taken in 67 for the sake of peace which was about the worst thing that Israel has had to do.  Now it's a staging ground for missile attacks.  Israel is not about to make the same mistake twice.  Moving a half million Jews out of towns and cities is asking a lot after Gaza's experience.  Israel is just a speck on a map.  It's already taken in Jews from Gaza and other places.  Most people in Israel live in high rise apartment buildings because of the lack of space. 

The Arabs seem to not want peace as their charter and their actions do not tell us that peace is their goal.  Whenever that happens, Israel will be interested.  For 63 years Israel has been demonstrating both a desire and a need for peace.  Now it's the Arab's turn to take it to heart.  They really don't need a state.  It's that they want a state, the state of  Israel in actuality.  There are at least 47 Arab majority states in the world and they are busy populating all the others including the USA.  There's only one Jewish state in the world:  Israel. 

Alan Dershowitz, my favorite lawyer-historian on Israel,  feels that Obama's statement is flawed because he makes it hard on the Palestinians to compromise by giving them more than they asked for. It just makes me feel like lecturing Obama again.  For a smart guy, he hasn't learned much about Israel and its history yet.  Well, I'll have to give him this:  He did know that the bible called the West Bank Judea and Samaria.  I can't say that about everybody.  What he doesn't realize is that Israelis still do.  After fighting wars three times and defending themselves, the Israelis deserve to be able to live in Judea and Samaria once again.  I haven't seen them throw out the Palestinians living there.   That's because their world is a fair one. 


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