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Sunday, May 1, 2011

J Street Co -Founder's Freudian Slip About Israel

Nadene Goldfoot
In viewing the historical facts about the re-birth of Israel, one has to start with the beginning of Israel's history of over 3,000 years ago.  You cannot start with a week before May 14, 1948, which is how the Palestinians view our history along with J Streeters who seem to have accepted this viewpoint.

Also, one should be very well versed in the history of the Arabs now calling themselves "Palestinians."  The best history book out about this is "From Time Immemorial-the origins of the Arab-Jewish conflict over Palestine by Joan Peters.  It was done so well by this Christian journalist that our American presidents had her on their counsel as an advisor.  Nay-sayers such as Chomsky and Finklestein (the latter now barred from entering Israel) have not accepted her work as they are on the opposite side and do not back Israel's existence at all. 

One week before Israel's birthday happened to be a scene of intense fighting for the Jews in Israel.  They were fighting against Arabs attacking them along with the British who hadn't left as yet.  My own cousin, Stanley Goldfoot was involved.  He saw the 70 some doctors killed trying to get to Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem while driving there, attacked by Arabs.  He had been in prison in Acco.  By the act of President Truman, we were able to declare Israel a state once again.  The fighting didn't stop.  If anything, it intensified.   Israel was attacked by all the surrounding Arab nations as a result.  Not only that, but Jews living in Arab lands were thrown out of their country and wound up coming to Israel at the same time that Arab leaders told their people to leave this new land of Israel. 

Daniel Levy  happens to be a co-founder of J Street.  He was attending their convention held in Washington in March.  He told everyone that perhaps Israel isn't such a good idea, and this tells me that his background is so lacking that he doesn't have any education at all about Israel's history.  Otherwise he wouldn't feel that way.  This defeatist is a leader in an opposing group to AIPAC, who happen to be supporters of Israel. 

Jews happen to be a very independent group of original thinkers.  Our in-joke about ourselves is that if two Jews were stranded on an island they would build three synagogues; one for each and the other for the one neither would want to attend.  Israel follows this in its government by having from the very left to the very right as members of the Knesset.  Hopefully we all have one thing in common: a belief in the right of Israel to exist.  It isn't even up for discussion.  Yet here is a J Street leader lacking the faith in the country he says he is supporting, albeit in a very peculiar way as we have been seeing.  His Freudian slip tells us the truth:  he doesn't. 

I contend that the Palestinians demanding to have a state of their own now stems from their leadership who advised them to leave Palestine as they were attacking and after winning the people could take over the homes of Jews.  These "Palestinians" have continued to be used as pawns in the fight against Israel's existence. They have been fed a history written by their leaders about themselves and Israel filled with lies.   Those that stayed are now a part of Israel, even serving in the Knesset.   We don't need a group who when the going gets tough are the first to give in.  We need to back a group who is supportive and helpful. 

From Time Immemorial by Joan Peters
Genesis 1948 by Dan Kurzman

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