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Friday, May 6, 2011

The Pollyanna Approach to Palestinian Unification

Nadene Goldfoot Summary
The new Fatah-Hamas reunification allows Hamas to integrate into Fatah's US-trained security force and become members of the PLO.  This is all we need; further training for a terrorist organization bent on destroying Israel.  Yet a Pollyanna perspective in Israel from a real leftist, a TV personality in Israel feels that this may bring peace closer between Israel and the Palestinians.  To me this can only happen if Fatah influences Hamas, and it's always been the other way around.  They may be infiltrating  immediately, adding more danger to Israel. 

Jimmy Carter praised the reunion as a step forward.  I ask, for whom?  He does not seem to accept the fact that Hamas is a terrorist organization whose charter remains to destroy Israel.  He thinks this melding will bring about Palestinian democracy.  Was he the one who pushed for their elections in the first place that ousted Fatah with Abbas?   He even promises that now we will see a stopping of missiles upon Israel and it will bring peace.  However is that to be, I wonder.  Isn't this pie in the sky?  This is not like the Democrats unifying with the Independents in the good old USA. 

Other Pollyannas think the reconciliation between the two terrorist groups will not last long.  Well, they are pretty volitile. Others are just not getting overly excited about it all.  They even think this won't have any impact on the US aid to the Palestinians.  Abbas certainly feels this way because he has always been  the one who carries out negotiations with Israel and think the money will just keep coming to him. 

Some Pollyannas are panicking and are even angry with Netanyahu for condemning the two for agreeing.  They think it's an opportunity for Israel. and want Israel to be a team player and go along with Obama's administration to empower the USA to help Israel's interests.

Most realists understand that the PLO/PA/Fatah have always favored terror.  Anything they have promised Israel is overturned by their support for terror.  This was seen in 1990 when Arafat wouldn't condemn a sea attack on Ashkelon and Tel Aviv by their own PLF arm of the PLO.   Again in 2000 Arafat refused Barak's offer of peace and Palestinian statehood.  Instead, he joined up with Hamas and terrorized Israel.   People then saw that Arafat was no peacemaker but instead a true terrorist.

The US Congress supports ending the US funding, recognition and support for this enlarged terrorist group.  I congratulate them for their wisdom.  I feel sure that Netanyahu is not going to bend to the pressure of these Pollyanna groups we see even in Israel as this would only empower Obama to demand more concessions to the terrorist government.  Standing firm can cause Netanyahu to be attacked by the Pollyanna supporters of continued concessions, but the majority will be thankful for ending the myth of being at peace with terrorists. 

Resource: by Caroline B. Glick: The PLO's Desperate defenders. 

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