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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Palestinian's Twisted Retort to Netanyahu's Speech to Congress

The Palestinians are claiming that Netanyahu's speech to the USA congress this morning was a declaration of war upon them because he said he is keeping some settlements in the Judea/Samarian land.

It is the Palestinians who are declaring war as there is no declared state of Palestine.  By saying this Netanyahu is not declaring war; he's stating some land facts.  The land is under the state of Israel's realm as they gained it in winning the 1967 war. 

As I understood it, Netanyahu also said he'd give up a lot of so called settlements for the sake of peace if the Palestinians recognized Israel and wanted peace with them.  Fat chance, I'd say.  I know that the Palestinians want the whole West Bank and want it Judenrein; free of Jews.  They're also counting on Jerusalem which isn't going to be divided by Netanyahu, either, or allowed to slip into Palestinian ownership. 

Reference: News on TV; Fox

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