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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

End of the World Slated for May 21st

Nadene Goldfoot
On Saturday we might be in the synagogue praying, but  some Christians  in the USA expect to actually ascend into the sky and go up to heaven.

These Christians, led by Family Radio Worldwide's Harold Camping, believe in The Rapture and know that May 21st is Judgement Day.  They've advertized the day  on billboards along highways.  Henry did think it would happen back in 1994 but after staying in place with his feet on the ground studied the Bible some more and came up with this date.  There are many who are his followers. 

I heard about it first while driving home from a meeting last night and thought, "Oh my gosh!  Here we've been trying to solve some very important problems and people just might go up in a poof except us!

While I lived in Israel from 1980-1985 I heard some very orthodox Jews speak of the nearness of the Meshiach's coming.  At the rate the world's politics are going awry in a handbasket, it's possible that both groups are right.  Times are getting very much out of hand.  Anything is possible.    As a 2nd Century teacher R. Jacob (Avot 4:17) said, "Better is one hour of repentance and good deeds in this world than the whole life of the world to come; yet better is one hour of blissfulness of spirit in the world to come than the whole life of this world." 

Friday's a big day at the White House with Netanyahu scheduled to speak with Obama.  They might come to an agreement for the good of Israel.  But please, not this Saturday;  not on our Shabbat.    I hope that everyone sticks around for a little bit longer.  It just stopped raining here.  I'm not in a hurry.  I would hate to see my friends take off now. 

The Mayan Calendar might be more accurate in that they forcast the end of the world for December 21, 2012.  I wonder if they forsaw today's world events and had decided it was just too awesome.   Their calendar was excellent, supposedly even better than our own of today.  Now if Harold had checked that out and agreed with that date, I just might be shaking in my boots. 

The outcome of all this is that we should all be thankful every day for life.  Orthodox Jews came to this conclusion long ago and say prayers of thanks upon rising, and again towards evening.  Be the best person you can be.  One never knows how long they have to live or what accident can befall them.  We can't take our lives for granted.  Life is a miracle after all.

(concluded after the radio program and after talking to my son about the short life of my grandfather who died at 40 and my father who died at 59)

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