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Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Softa's View on President Obama's Talk With Netanyahu

Nadene Goldfoot
The impossible suggestion coming from Obama for Israel to go back to the 67 borders and adjust them in 2011 after all the warring going on to me shows a complete negation of reality or feeling.  All I see is a president trying to make points with everyone and failing with all.

One of the things that might be a consideration stopping nations from attacking each other is the fact of losing, and in that I mean losing some of their own land.  This keeps people from coveting others' property; the fact that there are consequences to their actions.

No doubt this has turned Egypt and Jordan around and we have seen a peaceful coexistence in the past 44 years.  The lesson here is not to destroy the bee hive or you anger the bees which puts your own house in danger.

This is tantamount to sending our soldiers out on the battlefield to appease the Right but send them without arms to appease the Left.  What happens would be a slaughter of life.  This is what could happen to Israel.  It would certainly please our Arab enemies who are gleeful about having so many Jews close at hand in order to have one huge pogrom.  This is something they have bragged about.  Asking Israel to back away to indefensible borders is asking them to commit suicide, and they're not about to put themselves in harm's way.  It's chutzpa to ask them to do this sort of thing.

The clothing war wears today has changed.  Most people in the world do not know how to identify it anymore.  I see the Palestinian leaders leading their people against Israel in many ways.  There has been the constant shelling of missles landing haphazardly without direct aim which has put all of southern Israel in a state of complete anxiety, not knowing when this Russian roulette will drop on them.  Now I see Muslims marching in hordes against Israel putting the whole country on alarm and readiness.  Facebook is being used for their organization.  Going to the UN, their friend and protecter in declaration of a state against all negotiations with Israel is another tactic.  Terrorist attacks here and there keep the Israelis on guard and tense.  The whole country has been affected to some degree since its existence, but has honed its ability to think about how to continue existing and why this is important.  Nobody is ready to commit suicide, for depression is not their outcome.  Instead, they thank the Lord that they are there and wind up being one of the happiest people on the face of the earth. A trust in G-d has brought them to this conclusion.   The constant biting attacks from their enemy is not working.  What the Jews have become are warriors ready to save themselves. 

One lives in the present, but the fullfillment of the biblical prophesy of the return of Jews from all the corners of the world, the Ingathering,  strengthens Israelis and others with them.  This return is bigger than a people wanting a state such as the Palestinians are clamoring for.  This is a most monumental time in our history and we know that this is a serious plan being carried out.  It's a time when people have a spotlight on them showing what they are made of and what they believe in.

Ever since King Saul this land that Israel sits upon has been a Jewish land and was lost only by 70AD.  Jews have yearned and needed their land for 2,000 years, whereas the Palestinians, coming from their own native states, made a decision to have it much later than 1948 since they were given the chance and refused it.  Their momentum to take it has not really been reached as they have refused to talk "turkey" with Israel.  That's a drop in the bucket compared to the yearning and killing of Jews in the past and present.  My hope is that sane logic will win out  and Israel will soon be able to live in peace in their own land. 

Reference: with articles showing both Hamas and Israelis who are against Obama's suggestion. 
Exerpt from Netanyahu's speech to AIPAC: A peace agreement with the Palestinians must include effective security arrangements on the ground. Israel must prevent a repeat in the West Bank of what happened when it withdrew from Lebanon and Gaza. Israels main security problem with Lebanon is not its border with Lebanon. It is Lebanon's porous border with Syria, through which Iran and Syria smuggle tens of thousands of weapons to Hezbollah.

Israels main security problem with Gaza is not its border with Gaza. It is along Gaza's border with Egypt, under which nearly 1,000 tunnels have been dug to smuggle weapons. Experience has shown that only an Israeli presence on the ground can prevent weapons smuggling. This is why a peace agreement with the Palestinians must include an Israeli presence on the eastern border of a future Palestinian state. As peace with the Palestinians proves its durability over time, we can review security arrangements. We are prepared to take risks for peace, but we will not be reckless with the lives of our people and the life of the one and only Jewish state.

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