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Friday, August 19, 2011

Bill Clinton Guilty of Not Faulting PA: Allows Distancing Prospects For Peace

Nadene Goldfoot
The problems facing Israelis today with the PA continually attacking Israel were also happening in 1990 with Bill Clinton as negotiator with Arafat, head honcho of the PLO terrorists, now Fatah.  Saul Singer, columnist for the Jerusalem Post,  wrote many essays about Israel's struggle after 9/11.  Israel was practicing  excessive military restraint, probably due to so much pressure from its "friends", that the net result was that the numbers of deaths just climbed and terrorists have become more brazen. 

Israelis pulled out of Lebanon, as written about on November 15, 2000 and was only there to stop terrorist attacks when our South Lebanese Army allies, the Christian militia under Major Hadad collapsed.  This unfortunately made Fatah and Hamas think that Israel could be "slowly bled into withdrawing from territory." Well, it worked.  We pulled out of Gaza completely in the name of peace.  Arafat used force and negotiations together with a negative response on all negotiations.  Israel has had to learn that we need to defeat terrorism  and that this is important in the negotiating that goes on.  When we give an inch, the terrorists go about trying to take a foot.  Now negotiations have ended. 

For 30 years Israel has done everything possible to give the Wakf (Islamic authorities ) control over the Temple Mount.  They even allowed them to dig a huge hole in its surface with heavy machines without any archaologists supervising which is actually against Israel's Antiquities Preservation Law.  The reason they were bending backwards trying to be more than fair is that for 2,000 years Jerusalem had become our symbol to return to Zion.  We had hoped that the Arabs there would see the moral and historic right of Israel to exist in the land and that they would not suffer from us being there.  Such hopes in September 2000 were bashed and so far is being received with the opposite attitude.  the Arabs are busy trying to erase all evidence of Jewish living in the land.  They deny it and teach just that.  We were never there.  Moshe Dayan would turn over in his grave if he knew. 

Israelis have wondered for years if a Palestinian state is necessary to keep Israel Jewish and democratic.  Now it's obvious that such a state is a "Trojan horse" threatening Israel's existence.  Ariel Sharon had turned around and had come to the idea that it was necessary and would work.  The fact that Fatah has reconnected with Hamas terrorism tells me that it isn't so anymore.  They have chosen war instead of peace.  Well, we can't sit back today and be wimps.  Netanyahu has taken the stand that they cannot kill our people and if they do, we will strike back. Israel is doing just that with this wave of violence that is happening in Southern Israel right now.  . 

Saul Singer wondered in 2000 if the world can defeat terrorism.  It's been 11 years now and we are just learning how to do several things about it with Israel's help being they have been attacked far longer than any other country has been and have learned from it .  Saul said  that fighting against terror is a struggle for human rights, freedom and democracy.  I see that Europe is giving up on the struggle and giving into demands like allowing Sharia law into their other laws as the preferred way out.  I can understand that after the devastating World War II that they would rather do anything than go through that again.  It's like they all suffer from PTSD when you mention sticking up for your rights.  It took Jews 2,000 years to get over losing their land in 70 CE , suffering from pograms and murders, burnings and plain old anti-semitism besides  a horrible Holocaust taking 6 million lives to cause them to know that they must establish their ancient homeland once again and it was time to do so now.

It amazes me that the terrorists are showing their colors now with such violence just before Abbas goes to the UN on September 22nd.  In my mind, it's showing me that they aren't willing to be a member of society and live peacefully with their neighbor, Israel.  Not fullfilling the requirements for such a meeting also tells me this.  What I am sceptical of is the logic the UN will use in deciding on this matter. 

Saul brings out that before September 11th we were all unaware that our civilization was in competition with another way of life.  We are from a pluralistic society and have fantastic values and love different people and ideas as well as food.  We need to remind the secular society we are up against that our values are most worthy and that they should pay more attention to them instead of fighting us all.  It does look to me that they are trying to pick up where Adolf Hitler left off. 

Glenn Beck is going to broadcast from Israel on August 24th and his program is called "Restoring Courage".  That's what the Western world needs to regain; courage.  It's time. 

Resource:  Confronting Jihad, Israel's Struggle and The World After 9/ll by Saul Singer 2003

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