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Thursday, August 25, 2011

PA Refuses to Get It---Wake Up U.N.

Nadene Goldfoot
The Palestinian Authority refuses to acknowledge that in their midst lies the state of Israel.  They are calling it "occupied territory" and are scheming to get it back by first going to the U.N. on September 22nd to establish their section of the land and calling it Palestine. 

Every event, in school, in their cartoons, in the newspaper, on TV and radio, their people have been brainwashed into believing this hogwash.  While they are busy lying, their warriors are busy firing missiles, rockets and mortars into Israel.  So far they are aiming into southern Israel, but one can figure that pretty soon they will be hitting Tel Aviv and other points northward into the extremely tiny state of Israel. 

Examples of this denial of the truth is:

The Palestinian Authority says that peace with Israel is not their goal.  They contend that all of Isael is in reality-Palestine and that they have no intention of compromising.  This was shown in a cartoon in the PA Daily paper by Muhammad Saboaneh.  It is another way of expressing that they do not recognize Israel's right to exist.  Their goal is to dismantle Israel and replace it with their Palestinian state.

Such a doctrine is found in many places.  Fatah had an event broadcast on PA TV.  Abbas and other senior officials were present.  The program was proclaiming that they were all returning to their land and what they were referring to was what is known as Israel. Such a statement was on TV on Feb 27, May 12, May 27 and July 15, 2011.  Repetitive sayings is a form of brainwashing.

They of course deny Israel's right to even exist calling Israel an "Occupation" or "Stolen" and more.  They say that "Palestine" was occupied in 1948, which was the date of Israel having been declared a state in the UN.  This was in the paper on July 16, 2011.  

Israel-" the territoris occupied in 1948"  June 23 in "Al Hayal Al-Jadida.    The territories occupied in 48.....which are currently under the rule of occupation.   

It's going to take more than several visits to a psychologist to get the PA to get them out of denial and accept the fact that Jews never left the land entirely and that their mishpuka had joined them in the 1800's and that it has become a haven for Jews and a state including Arabs as well, but it's still the only Jewish state in the world and will remain so.  The land was forsaken and unwanted by most everyone, a piece of real estate of no value and in terrible shape.  It was trodden over but never settled or developed by them or anyone and now it is.  This return of Jews was prophesized and expected  and has come true. If they'd been around for the past 2,000 years they had a chance of creating a state of Palestine but didn't and now Israel is here to stay.  They can do what Israel did in the 20's and accept what might be offered to them the way the Jewish leaders did when they were finally offered only a crumb of the original slice of land they thought they would receive and be gracious about it or get out of town and go to Saudi Arabia.  For in the prophecies, countries and groups that do not favor Israel will not be shown favor and will be in deep trouble.  Hope they finally get it. 

Jews are very resiliant.  They are continuing to live a normal as possible life.  Adverse conditions are something their ancestors had to live under. Maybe it's in their genes to be able to be flexible and manage to exist and never stop working on solving problems that interfere with their living accomodations.  They're not leaving the land again.  Your culture will not be harmed and may even benefit from the Israeli presence. 

"We will have to fight the Arabs until the last one realizes there is no way to defeat us and we are here in the Land of Israel as a Jewish state forever." Moshe Ya'alon, Israel's minister for strategic affairs, member of Likud in Knesset since 2009.

Hadassah Magazine Aug/Sept 2011  page 23 Interview by Charley Levine of Moshe Ya'alon

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