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Monday, August 22, 2011

CEASE FIRE! Terrorists Break Promise-Five Nights Continued Shelling

The Arab terrorists (PRC) have not paid attention to their promise to adhere to a temporary cease fire.  They have just kept  on firing 14 times since then in the past 24 hours. Ashkelon, Portland's sister city is in the line of danger and its people had to run for cover at 7:40pm.  They must run as the alarm is within seconds of a strike.  

2 Grad katusha rockets landed.  Earlier another had struck an empty building.  By Sunday after the truce was decided, 12 rockets continued to fall into Israel.  

The Negev, where so many weaponry is landing has been the scene of a lot of missiles landing.  Jews here have been expelled for peace, bomb shelters have had to be built, and Israel wound up having to invent anti-Kassam missiles for defense.  Now they even have built a secret road for cars to travel on that will be safer as it's hidden from view.  Israel is doing everything it can in order not to have to repeat an Operation Cast Lead.   

The Hamas terrorists cannot seem to control the smaller terrorist factions that have sprung up, just as they did out of Fatah.  They had promised to control these groups and the PRC group reluctantly promised to stop, but only temporarily.  It seems they had not intention of actually stopping at all. 

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