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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

UN's Biggest Lie About Israel Found In Durban III Conference

Nadene Goldfoot
On September 21st in New York City, the U.N.'s Durban III conference will meet.  The past two conferences amounted to  promoting racism, intolerance, anti-semitism and Holocaust denial.  They were eroding freedom of speech and Israel's right to exist.  Many fair-minded countries walked out seeing what they were all about.  What they turned out to be was a hate-fest against Israel. 

What they are trying to project again is that Israel is an Apartheid state, something that Archbishop Desmond Tutu of South Africa has also tried to promote.  Nothing can be further from the truth.  It's like somebody is trying to brainwash the public that black is really white.  Israel is more of a stewpot of mixed heritages  than the USA is.  Among Jewish people there you find them from all four corners of the earth, for what has been going on is the ingathering of Jews from all the nations of the earth as prophesied in the Bible. 

 Besides that, you see over a million Arabs that are either Christians or Muslims living there as well besides Christians from other countries.  Sephardic Jews are married to Ashkenazi Jews, and Mizrachi Jews are there , too.  In fact, I taught with a gal from Egypt, one of the last young Jews to leave from there. 

The Muslim states are mad because the one and only Jewish state in the world was created in 1948 and they haven't been able to get rid of it, so they are trying every conceivable tactic to do so.  To them, the Middle East is Muslim territory only and they can't abide another people there.  They've tried in 47-49, 56, 67, 73 and even in 82 to do away with Israel by war and were not successful. 

They shelled Israel from 2001-2009 with missiles, mortars and over 2,700 Qassam rockets bringing about Israel's Operation Cast Lead on January 3, 2009 where Israel went into Gaza to stop it after eight  years of hope wondering if the UN would do anything to stop it and didn't.  The Operation lasted 22 days. 

They are assembling again this year.  Canada, the United States, Israel, the Czech Republic, Italy and the Netherlands have announced that they will boycott Durban III this year.

The very next day the Arabs living in Gaza, Judea and Samaria will go to the UN to seek admittance as a state of Palestine.  That Wednesday and Thursday are going to be very serious days. 

Operation Cast Lead did not deter the Arabs in seeking Israel's destruction because they're still at it.  Southern Israel is being raked with missiles and rockets that are now made to reach out in longer distances.  The major hospital in the area in Ashkelon is in constant peril.  Yet somehow, the Palestinians will manage to call Israel the aggressors and the Apartheid people, and those who want to believe the worst about Jews will believe unquestionably.  Dennis Prager doesn't.  He joins me in writing about how Israel is not an Apartheid state.  He knows.  He's also been there. 

There are 47 Muslim states that I can count in the world, maybe more, but that's what is listed on wikipedia of Muslim majority countries.  There is only one teenie weenie Jewish state called Israel that wouldn't even be a decent-sized  ranch in Texas.  Just who is practicing Apartheid in their neck of the Middle East? 

Update 8/31/11 Austria has just pulled out of attending the conference which is a 10th anniversary of the first held in Durban, South Africa.  That one resulted in anti-Israel and anti-semitic harrassment on Durban streets afterwards. 
Update: 9/2/11 Germany just pulled out. 

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