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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Jerusalem is Located in Israel, But Not to the White House ?

Nadene Goldfoot
Daniel Halper, deputy online editor of "The Weekly Standard", made a charge against the White House.  There is an ongoing debate as to which country the US accepts Jerusalem being a part of and it's not Israel.
He came to this conclusion because  of a recent State Department press release. 

When asked about the State Department's position of Americans born in Jerusalem who want  their birth to indicate being in Israel, they replied that their policy is to not have Israel listed in their passports as their place of birth.  US Dept. of State's Foreign Affairs Manual 7 Fam 1300 Appendix D has the details. 

The result of 1967's Arab-Israel War is that Israel "occupies and administers" the Golan Heights which the USA recognizes is still being Syrian territory.  The same goes for "the West Bank" and the "Gaza Strip" which the USA sees as territories whose final status must be determined by negotiations.  Nothing was mentioned of the fact that Israel has already pulled out of Gaza for peace which it didn't receive. 

Halper showed a picture of the White House website that had had a caption including "Jerusalem, Israel", but that was taken down last night.  He feels that it happened after seeing his article.  The Weekly Standard is a conservative opinion magazine and blog.  This and the National Review are two of the most popular magazines of their genre. 

This attitude towards Jerusalem is why the United States has not recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and is where the Knesset is.  In order to do any business necessary with the USA, citizens  must travel to Tel Aviv where their embassy lies.  Such are our friends. 

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