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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hamas Joining Up with More Radical Islamists: Fire Grad Into Be'er Sheva

Nadene Goldfoot

Supposedly there is a ceasefire that was agreed on, but it has never been accepted by the terrorists who keep shelling Israel.  They've said they would,  amended with a "temporary, " then kept on shelling.  Evidently to them this only means that Israel cannot repond to their shelling. 

Radical Islam is gaining in Gaza.  Many have joined up with  the radical Salafi Islamists who are an arm of Al Qaeda. One reason is that they are also in Judea and Samaria, Abbas's part of the project.  This way they can all work together no matter where they are.   They took credit for firing a Grad rocket towards Be'er Sheva from Gaza, but the Iron Dome stopped it. 

These even more religious terrorists really believe in terrorism in a shocking way from the Koran: .  "Whoever slaughters a non- Muslim for the sake of Allah, Allah will make hellfire prohibited upon him." a tenet that their leaders teach.  Another is that they are into beheading non Muslims.  "When your lord revealed to the angels:  I am with you.  Therefore make firm those who believe.  I will cast terror into the heads of those who disbelieve-therefore strike off their heads and strike off the fingertips of them." 

The religious leader teaching such sayings is Omar Yusef Juma'a, who was 2nd in command to the originator of the group, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi.  Zarqawi has since died. 

All the while we see protesters at Harvard Square, Nancy Murray and a mixture of Jews and non-Jews yelling "free Palestine".  (See video below).  They have no concept of history or current events, and if they do, it's even more of a shunda. 

Resource: Arutz Sheva "Gaza-Based Salafa Group Launched Rockets At Israel" by Chana Ya'ar

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