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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

France Bends to the Will of...Trade Benefits With Gaza & Co.

Nadene Goldfoot
Don't count on the European Union of 27 countries to back Obama when he vetoes the creation of the state of Palestine on September 22nd.  France's Sarkozy has  a mind to do otherwise and keep the European Union with him.  Abbas, being the negotiator and speaker for Hamas and Fatah Arabs, is trying to obtain recognition without going through a peace agreement with Israel.  They have been busy shelling Israel and will not sit at the table to create a peace treaty with their very close neighbor.  Obama has promised to veto Hamas and Fatah at this time.  The situation has been something like this:

Abbas:  We want all of Judea and Samaria and want all the Jews to leave from there.
            We want all of the descendants of Arabs who lived here for even only 2 years to return.  This includes the 4 wives for each man and their children which could be anywhere from 20 to 20 per woman.  And their concubines as well. 
           We want all of Jerusalem.
Netanyahu:  Wait a minute!  We have to talk about this. 
Abbas:  No-this is it.  It's all or I'm leaving.
               (He gets up and leaves, thinking to himself; and we want all of Israel, too.) 

French President Nicolas Sarkozy is after a trade deal with the Palestinian Authority and will take their fish and farm products of cut flowers, fruits and vegetables.  In return the Hamas-Fatah Arabs will buy EU machinery, chemicals and transport equipment. 

Sarcozy criticized only Obama for not doing more towards peace.  There is no mention of him criticizing Hamas or Abbas for shelling Israel and not coming to a peace agreement with them.  Sarcozy uses the Arab Spring as the reason for his wanting a trade deal now.

This will give the exporters unlimited duty-free trade with European markets.  Trade between the EU and Judea/Samaria and Gaza was only worth 60 million euros in 2009.  Hamas exports made up just 10% of exports to the EU.  Their economy, they complain, is weakened by chronoic conflict with Israel!  How ironic is it that they are the ones that initiate this conflict by raining Qassam rockets, mortars and missiles on Israel! 

The EU is built on the idea of the 50 states making up the USA on a single continent.  Like us," they launched a single European currency to use between their 27 states, and are progressively building a single Europe-wide market in which people, goods, services, and capital move among Member States as freely as within one country."  They all had the majority of the Christian religion with a majority of Caucasians for citizens in each country.  Freely trading between them today should keep them all from starting wars such as the World's 2nd destructive war.  They have a great plan for their continent and it seems to be working.  They cannot consider that what they are proposing with Abbas is on the same wave length and will bring about peace.  They're only going to be stoking the furnace for a greater fire. 

They have the ability to tell Abbas and his group of terrorists that if they stop attacking Israel and come to a respectable peace agreement they will have such markets.  It could be the reward for becoming peaceful.  Instead, they will have more power and be more belicose, if that indeed is possible.  By not thinking about what they could do to bring about peace, all they have thought of doing is to criticize Obama and most likely Israel as well. 

This will be construed as backing Abbas's bid for a recognized state of Palestine.  Right now even Jordan is telling Abbas to reconsider statehood.  It seems like only the EU's interests will benefit if  Palestine is recognized without becoming a peaceful state. 

France is no longer the nation known for its democratic values who risked their necks in helping the fledgling America to fight against the British.  I can hardly believe that our Statue of Liberty was a gift from them. 

Considering what has been happening in France with all the immigrants there from Arab countries, I am not surprised. 

The countries France hopes will follow Sarkozy's lead are: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Sovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and of course, the United Kingdom which is made  up of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.  Hopefully, some of these countries will have the backbone and integrity to think for themselves and not help instigate another wrong against Israel.  . 

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