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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Foreign Aid Supporting Gaza, Judea/Samaria In Trouble

Nadene Goldfoot
The Arabs outside of Israel of PA have been relying on foreign aid to support their population which has a $2 billion dollar annual budget.  Half of this annual budget's money comes from Arab donations.  Lately, with the Arab Spring uprisings, the wealthy Arab nations cannot donate the same amounts as usual.  The PA government is in financial trouble.

One thing they have been doing to improve their economy is to make terrific offers to their government workers to purchase apartments such as in Ramallah. Ramallah is 6 miles north of Jerusalem in Samaria.   Then their salaries were cut in half in June and people are facing a cash crunch.  The PA banks loaned them $200 million to cover their shortfall.  Now they again have a $35 million shortfall. 

Many Arabs are now more concerned about having jobs and the economy than they are concerned about peace talks with Israel.  This certainly is an about face.  They are starting to sound like the rest of the world for a change.  I remember when the Israelis pulled out of Gaza completely and left perfectly good greenhouses for them to continue their businesses and they just destroyed them, not concerned about having jobs of creating businesses at all. 

Like alcoholism, the alcoholic is not helped by the friend who supplies them with alcohol which is aiding and abetting alcoholism.  The Arabs living in Gaza and the other areas will never join the rest of the world while relying on UN Aid and Arab handouts.  It's time they thought of jobs and their own economy. 

What money they have received must be going towards arms to use against Israel for Be'er Sheva was just hit yesterday with two missiles.  They can't be serious to think of becoming a state when all they do is attack Israel.  It's time to bury Hamas terrorism and join the Human Race. 

For 30 years, the Arabs came into Israel daily to work.  One fifth of their population was able to do this.  It stopped in the mid 90's because they bit the hand that was feeding them.  The Arabs turned on Israel and attacked with rockets and missiles along with suicide bombers.  This has caused Israel to give employment to migrants from Thailand, Romania and other places instead.  That's how Hamas terrorism improved their living situation for them. 

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