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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

USA's Attempt To Be Serious With Palestine Authority

Nadene Goldfoot
If children bite their siblings their parents will at least put the biter in a time out.  Some might even advocate a spanking, which of course is frowned upon today.  There will be a consequence.  What kind of consequence is there in the mix for a terrorist organization that attacks a country constantly with missiles and rockets?  Do they get rewarded with their self-serving egotistical ends that bring them nearer to the destruction of the country they are picking on?

Evidently so.  The Palestinian groups of Fatah and Hamas are bound and determined to go to the General Assembly of the U.N. to get their recognition, even if only seen as a non member state.    On the 28 of June the US Senate passed S Res 185 for Obama to veto their request.   The Palestinians have been told that their asking for recognition "will make it harder for the US to have relations with them."  This is from a senior Western diplomat on Wednesday.  This "relationship" means support for the "West Bank" (Judea and Samaria) from the US with money and the training of Palestinian security forces.  According to this diplomat, these two things are viewed as a "net positive" for the US, Israel and the Palestinian Authority. 

The Palestinians are demanding that Israel return to the 67 borders (which Obama has already been in agreement with and told Netanyahu as such on TV).  They are also demanding the right of return of all "Palestinians" which will drown Israel.  Who they are presenting as returnees are not possible in anyone's math.  I can't picture Israel allowing themselves to be pushed out of East Jerusalem.  So far, no concessions on Israel's part has been met with peace, so there is no reason to give up an important section of Jerusalem.  Gaza is an excellent example.  Giving up Gaza brought war at their doorstep, not peace.  Of course, recognition of Israel as a Jewish state would be a statement of peaceful coexistence that doesn't seem to ever be possible. 

I reel from shock that the US has been training the Palestinian security forces.  Are we training Hamas who has been shooting missiles into Southern Israel for all these years and has stepped up the bombarding this past month again?  Hamas and Fatah have joined forces in order to present their case to the UN, so that means that whatever is being taught to Fatah is getting to Hamas as well.  All this time the  two entities have been at odds with each other in their own power struggle to rule and had not been in agreement as to the methods to attack Israel with, and now they have a united pact.  Is this the only way our USA can help a supposed friend, Israel?  Instruct their enemy in tactics of war?  This is so like what Britain did before and during Israel's birth announcement in the UN on May 14, 1948.  Their "security" training can be used against Israel. 

Such a statement as what has been pronounced is really scary.  The USA told the Palestinians that "it is a bad idea".  They also mentioned that the UN is an inappropriate forum to try and resolve those issues."  The only problem here is that they are approaching the wrong department at the UN which is the only one available at this time.  It will not hold any water in legalities.  But it will show who the nations are siding with if they follow their promises of being in agreement with the terrorists. 

The Palestinians have chosen to terrorize Israel into taking over their land.  It's a long used past perfect form of being an aggressor.  They refuse to respect and recognize Israel and teach their children that  Israel belongs to them.  In fact they don't even use or recognize the name of Israel in their culture.  Yet, so many countries have shown that they will back an aggressor who has no legal grounds to stand on to achieve their goal of wiping out a country.  If Hitler were to appear today he would win.  You need land?  Of course, don't ask, just take.

Yes, Israel was in agreement at the birth of it's wee little nation that there would be a Palestine as a neighbor, but under completely different conditions.  Those conditions have not been met.  They were supposed to be a peaceful group.  The Arabs said they'd never accept Israel in their neighborhood and meant to drive it and the people into the sea and they haven't changed in 63 years.  I'd love to see any of the nations who have joined their bandwagon of approval to put up with a country of the likes of Palestine next door to them.  Under the direction of the Arab Spring autocrats who are in their own jeapardy game today, the Palestinians have been molded into a fighting force against the former tenants of the land with no rational ability to solve their own problems.  The Palestinians think they have a problem  and force is their only way to solve it.  They have been programmed by their higher authority and it's going to take a lot of long-range rehabilitation to change their affect. 

The nations of the world involved in this piece of history are aiding and abetting a killer group to succeed.  They are laying the foundations for their own destruction.  They are saying that they have no backbone.  Come and take over our country.  We helped you to take over Israel.  Any place is up for grabs.  No one has to be a good neighbor.  It's a free for all because we won't fight for anyone's rights including our own. 

Here the USA is in deep trouble financially and we are still thinking about providing monies to a terror group so that they can continue terrorizing Israel.  Why on earth are we planning to train their "security forces" when they are not creating security for anyone?  It's not in their program.  What kind of security was going on when the whole state of Israel had to wear gas masks  on two different occasions from attacks from their neighbors?  The only thing the USA should teach about security is that if they quit attacking Israel they will have no need to have "security men." 

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