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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Thousands of Terror Attacks by Religion of Peace (Islam)

Nadene Goldfoot
We in the Western world have been taught that the three major religions and other valid religions are all for peace and teach just this.  The more recent one born in the 600's CE may be to some, but on the other hand also believes in violence.  Since 9/11, an atrocity from a few of Islam's people believing in violence,  there have been 17,582 more attacks of terror.  These have been perpetrated on many of Islam's own people as well as against Christians. Atrocities are being committed against Christians and I haven't seen the world becoming very concerned.  Minya, Egypt has been especially hard on Christians.  A Christian farmer had his throat slit in front of his son by a Muslim mob who attacked a Christian home, and they also severely beat a pastor.  Two Christians there were slain by snipers while driving.  Attacks on other Muslims have also happened in Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen and other countries as well. 

This religion took its major thesis  from Judaism and Christianity with modifications.  Then it added the words from Mohammed, its prophet.  The beginnings of Islam were taught with the sword many times which is how it converted whole villages of Jews in Saudi Arabia during that period.  It was convert or die.  People forget when they speak about it being a religion of peace that Mohammed taught to hate Jews and that if they found them behind or under a rock they should be killed.  Luckily this aspect of their Koran was almost ignored when Jews lived in Arab countries as 2nd class citizens before the founding of Israel.  They lived but paid the higher price of being a Dminni, an underling, and paid more in taxes than Muslims and other such belittling facts of life. While Russia was slaughtering Jews in pogroms, the Arabs in the Middle East were fairly tolerant, considering the alternative.  The 2nd World War altered the Arab attitude toward Jews.    Today, this attitude has been revived and having Jews in their own little piece of land in the Middle East is seen as an affront to them.  They were allowed once to live in the Middle East but under the Muslim rule.  They are not seen as equals in "their"  land of the Middle East.. 

The leader of Egypt, Sadat, was more of a realist and did accept Israel as well as did Hussein in Jordan. Sadat was the Mentch that Golda Meier hoped for when she mentioned that when the Arabs loved their children as much as the Israelis do, there would be peace.   These two people made peace with Israel, but with the Arab Spring and Mubarak of Egypt losing his position, one wonders how the natives of Egypt will act.  Right now we see the oil pipes being attacked that bring oil into Jordan and Israel, so it looks like mob rule as well as the Muslim Brotherhood in power. 

What is preached in Mosques turns out many times to be hatred for Western civilization and Jews and Israel.  The listeners are men as I see on TV.  They pray 5 times a day.  The Faith Club,  written by 3 women, a Jew, Christian and Muslim (Ranya Idliby, Suzanne Oliver and Priscilla Warner) who lived in New York  got together to talk about their religion and the prevailing attitudes among them.  The Muslim lady knew none of the aspects of terror and hate.  She seemed to be a very kind and sweet woman with the same values as the other two.  I got the feeling from reading this book that women are not privy to the ideals of their men, at least the ones living in the United States.  I'm sure that women in the Middle East are more aware of what goes on when they are in the middle of a war zone. 

Arabs have made big inroads by immigrating to Europe and America. Sharia Law is being accepted in many of the countries.   They now have 130 countries they say ready to recognize their new state of Palestine, created out of land that was not too long ago deemed to be the Jewish Homeland.  It looks to me that these European countries are taking the lessser problematic road for themselves and are traveling on the road in consensus with the Arab will.  Democracy is being buried in favor of recognizing "might is right."  Even Abbas has teamed up with Hamas and their philosophy of attacking Israel hasn't stopped the promised recognition  from others, brought on by either respect or fear!  It's hard to tell why they decide to side with Palestine instead of respecting the needs of Israel in this case, isn't it. 

The Faith Club by Ranya Idliby, Suzanne Oliver and Priscilla Warner
The Truth about Muhammad by Robert Spencer
Confronting Jihad, Israel's Struggle & The World After 9/11 by Saul Singer, columnist at The Jerusalem Post
Kike by Michael Selzer

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