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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

United Nations: Highjacked from October 24, 1945 Aims

Nadene Goldfoot
 The UN was born  on October 24, 1945 after the 2nd World War.  It had very lofty goals of keeping the whole world in peace.  I thought I was immensely lucky at the age of 11 after knowing about the devestation of a war.  I thought, "no more wars, ever. Everywhere there will be peace."

Then along came 2001.  The UN sponsored a World Conference Against Racism from August 31st until September 8th in Durban, South Africa.  South Africa was the home of racism being a majority country of Blacks with a white minority who were in power.  Apartheid had been practiced there.  The presiding Secretary General at the conference was the former Irish President, Mary Robinson. 

"Entitled "World Conference against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance," the conference was discussing unfair treatment of one group against another. Significant time was focused specifically on Israeli treatment of Palestinians, treating violations of human rights and genocide in other parts of the world secondarily."

The meeting attacked only Israel.  There were anti-Israel demonstrationas at another conference at the same time.  Canada, the United States and Israel walked out in the middle of the conference when it singled out Israel and said that Zionism was racism.  It was Arab states that criticized Israel for their "racist" practices.  Nobody raised the question of why Jews were not allowed in any Arab state at the time. 

The Arab states demanded that the European Union criticize Israel for their "racist practices," but they refused.  The UN had been highjacked by the Arab states at this point.  Three days after the conference was over, New York was hit with 9/11.  Al Qaeda  terrorists, led by Osama bin Laden who had later admitted responsibility, had highjacked 4 passenger jets. 

Two of the jets crashed into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center killing about 3,000 people within two hours.  The third plane crashed into the Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia killing 184 people.  The fourth plane flew toward Washington D.C with intent to crash into either the Capitol building or the White House but failed when the passengers managed bravely to foil their attempts and they crashed in Pennsylvania, killing all aboard. 

The climate of 2001 became that of Arabs and Arab terrorists acting out against the Western culture.  To them, Israel was an invasion in their territory of Western culture, something they had fought against long ago during the Crusader years and long afterwards in their attempt to take over Europe.  I feel they were frightened of any connection with the West as it would give the wrong ideas to their people.  They had a nice system going of complete control of their people and wanted it to remain so.  There was no democratic rule in Arab societies, only Kings and such.  Saudi Arabia, where the al Qaeda terrorists came from, is an absolute monarchy and Islamic state of Sunni Muslims.  2001 was the year that the Gazan terrorists of Hamas started shelling Israel with Qassam rockets, mortars and any missiles they could get.  Israel was held back from retaliating. 

Durban II was a repeat of Durban I. Durban III will be another repeated bashing of Israel, and Canada led again in refusing to attend. The US has refused as well to attend on September 21st. The conference is centering on it being the 10th anniversary of that fateful I and will be celebrating. 

It should be known that the U.N.'s biggest contributors is the United States.  The U.N. building is in New York City.  The United States pays 22% of their budget and also 25% of the peace keeping in the world.  I note that there was no peacekeeping going on between the Gaza terrorists and Israel from 2001 to 2009.  For eight years Israel took shelling from Gaza with warnings from the world not to retaliate. 

If and when the Arabs go to the UN on September 22 to attempt to claim a state of Palestine, a Lebanese chairman will be presiding.  Lebanon is under the control of Syria and Syria is under the  control of Iran.  The Arabs have more than a foot in the door to start with.  They are already listed as "Permanent Observer Mission of Palestine to the United Nations." 

For me, the UN has been altered from the UN I relied on as a child.  They no longer are against one group attacking another but in many ways are the cause of it happening. 

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