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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

One Jerusalem Undivided: Good For All

Nadene Goldfoot
Jerusalem, Israel's capital,  is an undivided city that is most important to Judaism.  It is also a very coveted city that the Muslims have their eyes on right now and expect to be able to seize the Eastern part for their capital.  They have chutzpah to the nth degree to plan on asking the UN to grant them statehood and East Jerusalem when they reject Israel's right to exist.  All this time they not only will not recognize Israel as a Jewish state but have been bombing it for over 7 years with missiles and rockets and sneaky attacks. 

The question arises as to why our USA government spends four times as much money on Israel's enemies as on Israel.  Ron Paul, Republican presidential candidate mentioned that the USA gave $3 billion dollars to Israel while giving $12 billion to her enemies. "Giving" is not quite accurate for Israel as Israel receives loans that they pay back, or with stipulations that they spend money in the USA only which gives jobs to Americans.  As Israel is the only Democratic state in the Middle East with the same values as the USA, one would think that they would have better treatment.

Obama, when speaking to AIPAC when he was running for President promised that Jerusalem would not be divided and here he is going along with the Arabs in their plan to take part of Jerusalem now.  Of course with their statements of destroying Israel as their goal, they no doubt plan to take all of Jerusalem for themselves after taking East Jerusalem.  Under Israel's umbrella, Jerusalem is open for all religions.  Everyone is treated fairly.  It wasn't so when it was under Jordanian rule.  Christians and Jews were not permitted in.   

The mayor of Jerusalem is doing an excellent job for a city with so many diverse problems and people.  He feels it will not run as smoothly as it is now if it becomes divided, which it was before 1967.  It was horrible that Israel had been attacked and outnumbered then and a miracle that they won against inhuman odds, but that event enabled Israel to free and open up all of Jerusalem.  It took a terrible war to unite Jerusalem as one city.  Will there have to be another disasterous war in trying to take away East Jerusalem?  There is no reason why Jerusalem is important to Muslims.  They are doing well in Ramallah which is acting as their capital.  It is only 6 miles north of Jerusalem in Samaria.  Ramallah was historically a Christian town and now has a population of 25,500 Muslims and  some Christians.  Of course if they are granted statehood the Christians will have to leave, too, for they plan to be 100% Muslim. 

Never forget that the Palestinian plan is to have their state free of Jews and that includes East Jerusalem.  Is the UN going to allow such a state to exist in this day and age?  Part of the Palestinian warfare is brainwashing the world into believing that Israel is practicing apartheid!  It is they who plan to do just that.  Facts are that over one million Arabs are citizens of Israel and have more rights now than they ever had with Jordan or Egypt.  Jerusalem had a population of 84,000 in 1948 at the time of Israel's UN acceptance.  In 2009 the population grew to 773,800.  Jerusalem is a little smaller in population than San Francisco which has 805,235 people. 

The United Nations was brave and rightous to accept the first Jewish state into the world of statehoods in 1948.  That rightousness has not continued in recognizing their right to exist, however but has cowered  when faced with the anti-semitism of the many.  An example is not allowing passports to show that a person was born in Israel.  A case is that of a person born in Jerusalem and the USA refuses to write Jerusalem, Israel.  The USA does not even recognize that Jerusalem is Israel's capital after these past 44 years.  Both Jews and Christians believe in the Messiah coming and he will of course be in Jerusalem, but the way things are going, even he may not be able to enter as it will be a stronghold for Islam only.

Below is a 5 minute video on Jerusalem that is well worth watching.  Pictures say so  much.  Jerusalem must stay undivided. 

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