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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Anti-Semitism Prevention in Scotland

Nadene Goldfoot
It doesn't take much to find anti-Semitism crawling out of the woodwork.  Throughout the ages, these people have used all kinds of silly reasons, like a flu epidemic in the city.  "It's the Jews fault," they'd say when less Jews became ill, no doubt because of their stringent hygienic rules of cleanliness.  Now, they find Israel to be ample reason to hate Jews voraciously.  We've felt this type of attack  for the past 2,000 years, but Facebook only gives these hate mongers a new avenue to demonstrate in.

The largest Jewish community in Scotland is the Giffnock community in Glasgow where the largest synagogue is located.   Rabbi Moshe Rubin has been there since 1990 and is from the USA.   Scotland's policemen did not let this situation ride as they have in Malma, Sweden, however.  They got busy and arrested 6 people over horrid remarks on Facebook mocking the Jews of Giffnock, the BBC reported Wednesday.  As I have seen on many sites, they had posted offensive remarks with 1,000 likes, and then were shut down.  Jews were called "scum" to "F the Jewish Zionist", saying Jews have gold-plated Bentleys, etc.  I've tried to dialogue with these ranters on the Malma newspaper website but it does no good except to let others know there's someone who doesn't agree.  As for the ranter himself, he doesn't let facts enter into the stand he has taken.  Unlike a real debater, he never presents the other side, only wants to be involved in throwing the arrows of hatred like "scum."

The police were to be commended showing their community that they will not tolerate hate crimes of any kind.  They are taking anti-Semitism seriously.  Anti-Semitism is spreading along with all types of hatred on social networking sites and is a huge problem.  I've noticed that a lot of the ranting and raving is nonsensical, the style of writing and what they say show a very sick mind.

Arutz Sheva 

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