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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

What Happens If Iran Does Get Nuclear Weapons?

Nadene Goldfoot
King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia has said that if Iran gets nuclear weapons, they will do the same thing.  He told Dennis Ross this back in 2009.  Though Abdullah has heard the argument against such things, he would most likely have to out of fear of a take-over himself.  Riyadh would start a twin-track  nuclear weapons program if Tehran showed they had ambition in getting this for their country.  This is the main reason that our Washington DC government is quite interested in halting Tehran's nuclear program.  Everybody will get into the act.

The USA has talked with Iran for only two rounds, but Dennis Ross, former senior US diplomat,  said they should set a deadline for the conclusion of diplomatic contacts and let Iran know of it.  First off, most people see Tehran leading the talks.  They seem to have dreams of reviving the Persian Empire and controlling the region once more.  This is based on Shiite expansionism and using past history as a reason for their expansionist policy.  They are backing their neighbor's resistance against Israel which gives them the insurance of control over the so-called "Shiite Crescent."  This is only a prelude to what will eventually evolve.

Netanyahu of Israel said on Tuesday that Iran needs to stop uranium enrichment.  They need to then get rid of what they have produced and dismantle the means to make more to assure the world that they had no nuclear weapons project going on.  The people meeting with Iran need to strengthen their demands from Iran .  That's why they have imposed sanctions on them.  Instead, what the talks are producing are more time for Iran in which to work.  They've already received another 3 weeks or so until the next meeting in Moscow.

Edhud Barak, Israel's Defense Minister, said that the Iranian nuclear threat is "a sword on the neck" of the Jewish state..  After they do build it and deploy it, then it's entirely too late.  Israel doesn't have another option to ignore this challenge.

Iranian scientists and technicians are not the only busy people in Iran.   In the meantime, their Shabiha militia group  have been aiding and abetting the massacre of women and children in Syria by supporting the Syrian militia who are doing the slaughtering in Houla.  They have clearly supplied support and training and advice to the Syrian army, who in retrospect is also backed by Russia.  This Shabiha thug force reflects the same force that the Iranians use and have used on their own civil rights protesters. One can remember the march of protest in Iran where a beautiful woman, Nadia, was killed before our eyes.   The White House appears to be most reluctant to repeat their move that they made on Libya.

We need an educated guess as to just how long the window of opportunity will be open.  Some Americans are guessing that Israel will make their move in an air strike before it slams shut. In the meantime, we're at an impasse.  Ahmadinejad won't stop his 20% enrichment program and says he isn't dangerous.  He doesn't believe the West will do a thing about him.

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